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The Secrets of Esper
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June 2007
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[Who:] Beatrix and Zexion
[What:] Talking about work, Tending wounds, and getting "close"
[Where:] The Cafe, The City, & Zexion's
[When:] Late afternoon / Early evening
[Warning/Notes:] None really

The Schemer And The RaiderCollapse )

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Who: Saix, Zexion, Demyx, NPC soldiers
When: December 7, morning
Where: at Saix's hut
What: The First Contact XD
Warning: TBA (most likely none, aside a nekkie Saix)
Status: Ongoing

Two Worlds, One FamilyCollapse )

Who: Zexion and Demyx
When: Dec. 5, morning
Where: Zexion's apartment
What: A bit of planning concerning an upcoming adventure
Warning: none
Status: finished
His name is SaixCollapse )

Reno [userpic]

Who: Beatrix and Reno
When: Last Friday
Where: The jungle near to Meteor, then in a restaurant.
What: Adventure! Tomb raiding! And lunch. :)
Warning: A bit of language, some UST [Unresolved Sexual Tension].
Status: Closed

We're gonna head north, parallel with the river.Collapse )

Vincent Valentine [userpic]

Who: Vincent and Zack ... oh and anybody else who feels like jumping in
When: late afternoon
Where: Meteor City, Marketplace
What: some shopping / talking / drinking etc
Warning: None
Status: Ongoing

Vincent was trying to maneuver his way through the crowd of the marketplace. Not that there actually were that many costumers around at that time of the day, but more than 3 humanoids in one place was crowd enough for him. 'What has to be done has to be done' he reminded himself, weary of the self-imposed errand he was currently doing. No matter how much one loves the jungles and ruins, supplies quickly run low if all you have to transport them with is yourself.

Mask of indifference firmly in place, prosthetic arm hidden under his red cloak, he was doing a mental double-check of the list of items yet to be bought and hoping that nobody would find him interesting enough to engage in any sort of conversation.

sephiroth_esper [userpic]

Who: Sephiroth and Zack
When: after the meeting with Heidegger
Where: Shinra Headquaters, Soldier quaters
What: venting
Warning: none?
Status: closed

Current Location: ShinRa Tower
Rufus Shinra [userpic]

Who: Rufus and Daatu
When: The day after this.
Where: Golden Apple Restaurant. (Meteor City, upper class)
What: Lunch together.
Warning: None, really, just Rufus snarks. :P And may make you hungry :P
Status: Closed
Read more...Collapse )

Lt. Zack [userpic]

Who: Zack, Daatu
When: After/during Reno's party
Where: On the streets of Meteor city, then at Daatu's flat.
What: Mostly fluff. The lovers go home and enjoy themselves.
Warning: Fluff. Hetsmut. R/NC-17 rating!
Status: Finished.

Read more...Collapse )

Who: Cloud & Anyone else willing to comment
When: Afternoon; Around 14:00
Where: The central districts of Meteor; nearest to the soldier barracks.
What: A spontaneous need of fresh air due to difficulties in the previous day.
Warning: Zack implicating evil things >/
Status: Finished, I think.

A flicker.Collapse )

Who: Bart + Anyone
When: Mid Morning
Where: The Fatima Estate
What: Trying to get the young master out of bed is quite a hassle.
Warning: PG13 (this subject to change)
Status: Ongoing

He pours his soul into the waterCollapse )

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Reno [userpic]

Who: Reno and whoever else wanna come. ^^ (So far: Daatu, Kefka, Sigurd, and Zack)
When: From Friday night 'till it lasts :D
Where: Reno's flat
What: Party XD
Warning: Men-only threesome. (This means NC-17!) Later maybe violence (Axel?). Language.
Status: Ongoing Frozen for the moment. Might be continued later.

The fridge was full with beer and other goods, the breakable things were put away and some of the furniture was moved as well. All in all, the flat was ready and Reno grinned. He had chosen a fishnet shirt and simple but snug jeans as his outfit. The guns and other weapons were locked away as well; Reno didn't want to take care of any dead bodies at Monday morning.

He pushed the play button and hummed along the music. The classical rock'n'roll filled the room and Reno sipped from his open bottle of beer. There was a pleasant buzz in his head from the previous one and he swayed at the rhythm of the music. He hoped it would be a good party with willing partners to have fun.

Who: Zexion & Demyx
What: Talking
When: Afternoon / Early evening
Where: Zexion's Home
Warning: Minor cursing nothing beyond the Phrase hell I believe
Status: Closed / Finished
Summary: Demyx shows up at Zexion's seeking his professional opinion. He gets it and then some.

In Too Deep This timeCollapse )

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Who: Demyx and Axel
When: A few days after Demyx's encounter with Reno
Where: At the Org13 office building's garden
What: Demyx turns to his friend for help - and Axel gives him even more
Warning: PG, cuteness. ^^
Status: Closed

Flurry of KissesCollapse )

Who: Kefka and Sigurd
When: !! seven years ago !!
Where: the Military Academy at Ultima
What: The young Kefka meets the young Sigurd and they become friends
Warning: from G to NC-17, smut, a few cuss words
Status: Finished

Note: This log is FRIGGIN' long; I chopped it up to five chapters. Each chapter has a link pointing to the next one at their ends.

The Beginning

Kefka Ignathias Palazzo [userpic]

Who: Miss Daatu and General Palazzo
When: After the drunken rampage
Where: Kefka's loft in Meteor
What: Part II of prevous AIM log; A rather rude awakening, breakfast, fashion tips
Warning: Lengthy discussion on love
Status: Closed
Read more...Collapse )

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Axel Haineau [userpic]

Who: Axel and Demyx
When: September the 7th – some five days Zexion returned
Where: Ultima; various places
What: The famous story of how Axel took out Demyx to a wild ride (sorry for being late with it)
Warning: PG at most for Axel’s foul mouth
Status: Closed

Walk on the wild sideCollapse )

Who: Demyx and Reno
When: late afternoon
Where: Ultima at some random place; Café Moon
What: Demyx tries to carry out the plan he discussed with Zexion about Reno
Warning: R rated, some cussing, smex
Status: Closed

Part 2Collapse )

Who: Demyx and Reno
When: late afternoon
Where: Ultima at some random place; Café Moon
What: Demyx tries to carry out the plan he discussed with Zexion about Reno
Warning: PG-rated, some cussing
Status: Closed

Part 1Collapse )

Who: Zexion and Demyx
When: After Zexion returned (A few days ago), evening
Where: at a random café
What: friendly talk and some planning
Warning: none
Status: Closed

Silence and music meet...Collapse )

Who: Demyx & Reno
When: !! about two years ago !!
Where: at a random ruin in the forest (marked as the History academy in the CHRF's files)
What: The first time Demyx and Reno ever met
Warning: -
Status: Closed

The first encounterCollapse )

Who: Daatu & Sigurd
When: lunchtime
Where: Warious places in Ultima (The Palm Tree COrner and the Central Botanic Garden)
What: Sigurd taking out Daatu for a lunch
Warning: none
Status: Closed

Lunch with twistsCollapse )

Who: Marina and Daatu
When: After work is finished for the day, like they arranged in this log.
Where: Uhm... Turk's HQ, I'd say? They'll be moving out into the city, though. I think.
What: Daatu and Marina spending some time together.
Warning: None (though this can be changed later)
Status: Ongoing

Read more...Collapse )

Who: Reno and Marina
When: Monday early in the morning, as promised in this log.
Where: A training room
What: Sparring, training
Warning: Violence due to semi-contact or full contact sparring.
Status: Ongoing

I think it's time you show me your other weapon, Reno.Collapse )

Lt. Zack [userpic]

Who: Zack and Daatu
When: Sunday, 7 p.m.; after this log.
Where: Meteor City, Glassbead Square for now.
What: A date. ^_^
Warning: Bit of hetkissing. PG-13 at most.
Status: Finished

Read more...Collapse )

Who: Reeve and Demyx (maybe one turk - contact Reeve!Mun)
When: Morning
Where: About halfway between Ultima and Meteor
What: Shinra and Org13 at the same place, culture clashing with business - can this end well?
Warning: hopefully nothing
Status: Ongoing

Of ruins and telephone polesCollapse )

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