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The secrets of Esper

Welcome to the jungle

The Secrets of Esper
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3cities, or The Secrets of Esper is a multifamdom RPG. The characters can come from FF6, FF7, FF7AC, FF7BC, FF8, FF9, KH and Xenogears.

Esper is a recently colonized planet, which is ready to give home to the people of the overpopulated Gaia. Many came, and still come here to try their luck and begin a new life.

The planet is covered with vast jungles and the three cities, Meteor, Ultima and Omni lie in the green mass like pearls. They are jewels indeed, with advanced technology, hard-working citizens and shining energy-fields protecting them.

The shield's energy - and electricity - comes from the mako-reactors at the edge of the cities. The planet's greatest attraction was the mako; a mystical source of energy which seems to be present everywhere on the Esper.

Even in the natives, who aren’t in friendly terms with the colonists – both because they destroy the forest, kill the animals and sometimes even kidnap the prettiest and strongest of them. The newcomers also raid the ancient cities of the ancestors still standing in the jungle.

The two power parties of Esper – The Shinra and the Organization XIII – both discovered that the ruins bear striking resemblance to those located on Gaia, left behind by the Cetras. And to make things more interesting, the natives speak their language and appear to be their direct-line descendants of the mysterious creatures.

There is much to discover in the jungle, the cities, the natural phenomena such as the mako-fountains, the animals – or, if you’re lucky enough and you survive the first few minutes, you can even befriend with the natives. The cities are all buzzing with life, people come and go, there are shops, bars, cinemas and theaters, everything a busy city needs. Even the criminal world is present, after all, forbidden goods sell well this far from Gaia. Not to mention the Cetran artifacts, gold and texts.

Look out the ship’s window – see the lights of the spaceport? Step out into the light and take a deep breath of the air. It’s clearer than Gaia’s and carries the scent of adventure. What are you waiting for?


Please note that 3cities is a complete AU. The characters were born either on Esper, or on Gaia, the latter basically being the Final Fantasy 7 world. This fact naturally will produce some changes which MIGHT affect the characters' full name, background, relations, personality traits, magical abilities, genetic makeup, weapons and wardrobe.

1.] Stay active. Keep your own journal updated, because that’s another way, how you interact with others. Show your face at least once every second week. Also, participate in the logs. We’ll monitor your activity and if we see you slacking off, we’ll poke you until you either post something, or drop the character, that somebody else could take it up, who might pay more attention to him/her. If you go on a shorter hiatus, make sure to make a note about it. If started a log/situation via the LJ, finish it within one week preferably. (If you've to go to hiatus, you're of course excluded) If the log didn’t play out like you wanted (open log and nobody joined within a week), you could just as well delete it.

2.] Stay in character. You fail, you fly. Outta’ the game, I mean. This isn’t a crack RP. We most certainly allow some leeway, after all, most characters have different backgrounds, which shaped their personality differently, but don’t stray from what you established in the beginning.

Also, keep in mind that actions have consequences. If you kill somebody on the open street, the Guards will be there, arrest you and you most probably will be sentenced to penalty work. The train lines always need new workers.

3.] No God Moding/Playing. Don’t use other people’s characters, unless they give you permission. When posting such a log, please, don’t forget to note, that you HAD the permission, otherwise, we’ll frown on you until you prove that it just slipped your mind.

4.] Please, no players under the age of 18. [Depending on the said person, we do reserve the right to bend that rule.] This is a MATURE community, both in the topics and the way we play. If you get us into trouble because you’re an obnoxious little kid, who can’t even hide smut from his/her parents, we’ll be ANGRY.

5.] Since you’re mature enough, you might as well know, how to use a spellchecker. LJ has one, too. If the log is going on via Lj, in comments, it’s not that much of a tragedy when you make some spelling mistakes, or slip on a verb tense. But in the AIM logs, keep them at the minimum. Proofread the pieces before you launch them.

Also, in this RP, you have to use third person and past tense when you write a log – that’s basically how fanfics are written. For your char journal, of course, first person is better suited.

6.] We are Yaoi/Yuri AND het friendly. It’d be nice if we had a few straight males as well.

Come to think of it, on the application charsheet, there’s a line “Pre-existing relationships”. You can claim that you’re the friend of x, on a first come-first serve base – meaning if for example Rufus claims that he’s in good terms with Tseng, Tseng HAS to act like this. But it only works with friendships, SEXUAL RELATIONS HAVE TO BE DISCUSSED FIRST. Both players have to agree (even if they agree in that the taller one regularly rapes the smaller).

7.] This is an RP and not a general comm. No flames, no OTPwars, no ranting. If somebody is interested in your personal life, s/he can just as well take a look at your own LJ, right? Keep out-of-game information at the minimum, or, preferably, nonexistent.

8.] Have respect for your Moderators and fellow gamers. Even if you don’t like a player, try keeping a civil tone when you absolutely have to make contact, and for the Espers’ sake, try to not get into arguments in the first place. Also, OOC bad relations have no place in the game. The fact that you hate the other player isn’t a reason for your char to hate his/hers. Addendum: In character problems/arguments/etc should never slip into the real life. Remember, this is just a game!

Harassment and general childishness will NOT be tolerated and will lead to a banning if your one [and only] warning is not heeded. If something bad happens, save the log, the link, make a screencap – have a PROOF that you’ve been harassed.

9.] You may take up three characters. No more. Less is allowed. Try to choose them so you won’t have to interact with yourself. Before you apply, try to think through your char and the best would be if you contacted with a mod before. That way, you can avoid making the claimpost and be refused. After you’re approved, report back with your character journal, and you’ll be added. Edit: If you want to apply for the fourth character and we see that you're active and can handle the previous three, we may allow it. However, before you make the application, speak to a moderator!

10.] Any problems, questions, ideas – tell them to us. The mods are there to make this game run smoothly and ensure that everybody will have the maximum amount of fun. okami_hu is usually up on AIM (as gemsofesper), kira_k lurks mostly on MSN. We don’t bite, claw, maim or murder, and we won’t laugh, no matter how stupid you think you sound.

Before applying, please, contact the mods. Share your ideas with them, that way, you can avoid making an application and be rejected. We’d love to hear you out.

Some restrictions were made to keep up the game balance. One of these is that any non-human race which appeared in the various games is restricted to being the member of Esper’s native tribes. Due to the geographical distances, most tribes live peacefully next to each other. Non-human PCs are joined the Resistance because of obvious reasons.

A list of non-human races

- genomes / Zidane, Kuja and Mikoto
- burmecians / Freya Crescent and Fratley
- half-giant / Amarant Coral
- Eiko’s race – Please, note that Garnet is the same race actually!!
- black mages / Vivi Ornitier
- mutant / Rico Banderas

Beast-men are reduced to circus attractions in the cities, however, among the natives, they are all accepted.

This certainly means that one can play with a native character just as well as a city inhabitant.

In certain character’s cases, we have a firm idea how they’d fit into the game most effectively, these characters are listed below with a short description. When attempting to take them, please, consider what’s written here.

Fei Fong Wong - no matter what he is currently doing in the city, Fei is a pureblooded native, and the twin brother of Aydee (ID).

Biggs and Wedge - These side characters are present in most of the Final Fantasy games. We decided to allow any of them as long as you come up a first name for them. The different Biggs-s (and Wedges) from the different games share the surname because they are _brothers_.

Vexen: He's a scientist of course. He is studying the mako as well as Hojo; and he has Zexion to help him out in the labs with medical stuff.

Aeris Gainsborough: Aeris is a young professor of Cetran culture/history/mythology and helps out Hojo in (or, depending on player preference, is in charge of) the Shin-Ra's archeology project.

Here is the full character sheet. Copy-paste it, fill it in and post it on the 3citiesooc, as a new entry. This is because the application sheet is rather long and we’d like to avoid that you’d have to make three comments at once. It also makes the archiving easier.

The things marked with a * are not absolutely necessary for a proper app; you can ignore them, or fill them in later.

Original character sheet by lenihanfighter. WUBZ! <3 Additions by okami_hu and kira_k

After you've become a member, make sure to friend all the other members and both 3citiesrp and 3citiesooc.

Overview - A few words about the game in general, the mood, the setting
Power Parties - The local authorities
Cities - Information about the cities in general, the native settlements included
Society&Economy - What keeps you alive; currency, prices, goods and services; laws, education, social "ranks"
Technology - What's available and what's not
Geography - Notable landmarks, fauna and flora; maps
Magic - Mako and materia, abilities related to Cetran genetic heritage
Cetras - The ancestors' culture, and history

Friends quick add (friends locked) - Keep an eye on it and refresh regularly
List of taken characters - Including character journals
Character applications - Located at 3citiesooc's memories
AIM list (friends locked) - The way to communicate
FAQ - Ask away

A note on the journals:

The city blogs and the native mind records AREN’T connected. How could they be? One is on the internet, like LiveJournal, the other is in the users' heads. This certainly requires some attention from the players – you should keep in mind, who’s a native and who isn’t, to not make comments on a journal entry which you have no access to. Upon request and community decision, we might ask the players to clearly mark their journals/entries to avoid accidents.

How to post - You need to copy and paste and properly fill out the blanks of the following textbox.

A note on usericons: DO NOT USE, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES AVATARS WHICH WERE MADE FROM FANARTS. The founder of this RP DESPISES art theft. Even the side characters have official pictures floating around on the net, make an effort and dig them up. LJ is loaded with game-icon comms, check them. But never, ever use any fanart, unless it was made by you, or you have the original artist's written permission. (On the side note: doujinshis aren't fanarts.) If you fail to find icons/pictures on your own, contact okami_hu and she'll get you everything you need.

Images are from Stock.XCHNG. Thank you.