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The Secrets of Esper
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June 2007
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Reeve Tuesti [userpic]

Who: Vincent Valentine and Reeve Tuesti
When: Mid afternoon after the completion of the Kefka/Reeve scene, part the second.
Where: Reeve's apartment, where Vinnie's been sitting alone worrying all night. ;_;
What: Cuteness.
Warning: There may be a tongue-thief on the loose.
Status: Completed.
ETA: Yah, yah, we know it's a script, but it wasn't a planned scene. It just kinda sprung out, and Okami!Mod said to go ahead and post it. Some minor cleanup for formatting and spelling, otherwise untouched. We now return to our regularly scheduled studying-for-finals.

Kalibur: wanna listen to some biochemistry or molecular biology ?

Jen: >>;; I'll pass...

Kalibur: Thought so ^^

Jen: Reeve's like, "...actually, yes."

Vin-Mun: Oh, Vincent sort of perked up at the mention of tis certain name. How is dear Reeve ?

Reeve: *perks up when Vincent perked up.* He missed me...?? [awww. He's fine. Finishing up the morning after scene with Kefka. He's all like, “^^ I made a friend!”]

Vin-Mun: Oh, and he lets poor Vincent worry over what happened to him all night... that's gonna cost him at least one cat XD

Reeve: I sent you a text message!!

Vincent: OK, that makes it a half cat then. Your point.

Reeve: ....Half a ... I don't want to know. *He looks down.* I'm sorry for worrying you. Is there anything I can do to make it up?

Vincent: Hmm, telling me all that's happened to you since we last met ? Details included!

Reeve: *chuckles* All right, but I'm warning you, it's about seven years of sheer boredom

Vincent: Don't fret it... I'm an expert at listening especially to long stories.

Reeve: *shrugs* I got my degree... I enrolled in an accelerated program for my next one, after that. ShinRa sought me out while I was in the program and offered to pay my tuition if I left Midgar and came to work for after I graduated... So... I did. *shrugs again* I'm sure your life's been far more exciting.

Vincent: Don't try to tell me, this is all you've been up to for 7 years!

Reeve: *laughs* Fraid so. The most exciting thing was moving the cats.

Vincent: *shakes his head in disbelief* Hm, wait, what's the deal with ShinRa? Why do they find you so interesting?

Reeve: They just need bodies to make the city run... *shrugs* I guess I'm just good at it. *smiles* What about you? Where have you been?”

Vincent: And you're perfectly content with that...? Well, that's a way to get by I guess.

Reeve: *Way to make him feel inadequate. Shrugs, looking down*

Vincent: Me, just the usual. They still haven't given up pursuit but still couldn't get me either... found some interesting monsters out there along with a few ancient ruins.

Reeve: Sounds exciting. *chuckles* Aren't you getting tired of being a fugitive?

Vincent: *is socially retarded thanks to time spent alone.* Maybe. Guess, that's why I'm here ... need to return to the roots every once in a while. Makes me feel more secure.

Reeve: *smiles* mm... No girlfriend to keep you civilized?

Vincent:*shrugs* There ain't that many girls out in the jungle you know... at least if you don't find apes all that attractive. Besides, I never stay in one place long enough to find somebody ...

Reeve: *shrugs softly* You will eventually, I'm sure.

Vincent: You sound like my mother at times

Reeve: *laughs* Sorry! Not my intention

Vincent:*smiles* Dun worry, mom, ain't no biggie!

Reeve:*chuckles* Now you're just scaring me

Vincent: Good ! Serves you right for last night. Now you've payed ... so let's drop the matter. What are your plans for the day ?

Reeve: *smiles* Actually... I'm free. It's rare, but it does happen occasionally

Vincent: Lucky. So, you know a few good place around I assume ... lets visit one and continue talk there. Or you can show me around. Never hurts to know your surroundings

Reeve: Food first. If I don't get some coffee, I may fall over. *grins*

Vincent: Hopeless cofee-addict. At least some things never change.

Reeve: *sticks his tongue out at him*

Vincent: Carefull with that! Someone might steal it...

Reeve: *blinks, then laughs* someone?

Vincent: *chuckles* you can't trust people these days

Reeve: *laughs, shaking his head* in that case, I'm dependent on you to protect me from vicious tongue-thieves

Vincent: oh, my first decent job in years! More than happy to accept it, boss!

Reeve: *grins* what do you ask as payment?

Vincent: Housing for starters, hospitality, and ... I'll think of the rest later

((Kalibur: man, Vinnie is dense as a brick wall in social interactions XD

Jen: Reeve: *pats him* It's ok. I wouldn't expect him to notice another man flirting even if that man hit him with a brick. *a little sadly*))

Reeve: Done. Let's go get breakfast

Vincent: Good, let's get going then *pockets a small handgun*

Reeve: *leads him out*