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June 2007
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Kefka Ignathias Palazzo [userpic]

Who: Kefka Palazzo and Reeve Tuesti/
When: Same as before/
Where: In the cab, then the motel/
What: Teasing, touching, total debauchery/
Warning: NC-17 Exhibitionism, two men doing naughty things to one another/
Status: On-Going/

As he spoke, his right hand shifted, moving to rest on the interior of Reeve's leg and gently stroke tenderly up the length of his thigh. "I do plan to repay you for saving me from spending the night by myself." The blonde kissed that tickling beard affectionately, keeping his expression innocent enough as his sluggish nerves finally figuring out the difficult zipper contraption. As the metal teeth parted, he was able to fit a few fingers into the crotch of his slacks, fingertips grazing the warmest part of him.

Reeve: Reeve shivered, dropping his protests. They could always argue it later. He tilted his head back, exposing his jaw to Kefka and crying out when the other man's hands began working at his pants, pressing his hips up helpfully.

"I'm saving myself as well," he replied a bit breathlessly, bringing his hand up to cup the blonde's cheek and holding it softly before leaning in to kiss him.

Kefka: The cabbie hit a pothole--probably to discourage this show of affection--and jarred Kefka's movements for a moment. He barely registered the hand on his cheek, too concerned with crossing his left leg over Reeve's, gently pulling the other's limbs apart to allow easier passage of his little hand. With just a tiny pull, he was able to wrap his fingers around the other's member, giving it an experimental stroke that faltered with the touch of lips against his own. Blue eyes widened rather noticeably; this certainly wasn't what usually happened.

Then again, he usually didn't end up leaving with people he knew, either. Smiling softly against that kiss, he demurely flicked his tongue across the other male's lower lip, his wrist sliding a hand along the executive's shaft.

Reeve: Reeve chuckled slightly and the cabbie's blatant disapproval of their actions, sealing his mouth to Kefka's and parting his lips helpfully to allow the other's tongue access. He spread his legs as well, pulling the smaller man completely into his lap without breaking the kiss, his fingers pushing down the straps of his dress and stroking over his neck and shoulders softly. He began rubbing down Kefka's back, his hands coming around his sides to graze over his chest and abs. Once he reached Kefka's hips, he began working the skirt up, undoing all his previous work to set it right, and slid a hand up Kefka's thigh, massaging gently.

He paused when he hit the strap of the other man's thong, uncertain if he should go further, but the hand around his own length convinced him. He moved his palm directly over the center of Kefka's groin, pressing up against him and rubbing against him, gently dragging the cloth of his undergarments across the sensitive skin.

Kefka: The pink muscle curled invitingly against the other male's tongue, guiding it toward his own mouth in a flurry of teasing strokes. His teeth set around it, holding it steady while he applied a gentle sucking motion to the tip, and laved it over and over again, mimicking what he planned to do to a particular male once they were safe in their room. Gasping softly against those soft lips, he nearly lost control over their liplock in the moment it took for him to be displaced. But, as he felt those hands all over his body, touching him in all the right ways, doing everything he'd wanted since the prospect of taking him away for the evening had popped into his mind, he returned to his previous task with vigor. His soft, keening moans were lost between their joined mouths, almost threatening to escape as he bucked into the tormenting palm. He was good... Even if it had been a while for Reeve, he stroked the general with a confidence that didn't fit the timid executive who'd crept into his office before. Oh, but he liked it..!

Hips tensed against his underwear, his hand stroking faster in response, working him into full arousal, forefinger pressing into that velvety-soft slit, middle finger and thumb creating a tight circle around the thickness, pumping him, coaxing him to do whatever he wanted..

Reeve: Reeve moaned, thrusting into Kefka's hand and roughening his strokes over the other man's member. He deepened the kiss, bringing his free hand up to the back of Kefka's neck and pulling him closer, gently closing his teeth around the other man's glossed lower lip and tugging gently, sliding their tongues together. He was glad Kefka approved of his actions, even if it hadn't been that long for him -- though, granted, longer than it had been for the general.

If he ever stopped to think about what he was doing, Reeve would probably be quite humiliated, but the Jacks and Kefka's hands were doing an excellent job of keeping him distracted. Growing frustrated, he slid the cloth barrier out of the way and down Kefka's thighs, closing his hand around the other man's member and mimicking his actions, giving him a few slow, deliberate squeezes. He wiped a drop of precum from Kefka's tip and spread it over his palm. He snuck his fingers lower until they brushed against Kefka's balls and rolled them against his palm, massaging the sensitive flesh gently. He pressed in closer to steal another kiss. [and mine]

Kefka: He was blushing. Actually blushing. His skin burned hotly against those touches, mouth working needily against those teasing lips, fingers stroking and rubbing, doing everything possible to pleasure the other. In Reeve's embrace, he forgot about everything else in the world; the voice that nagged at him in the back of his mind to remember pedestrians and their irritated driver, was now conjoined with a chorus of lust, and the ache in his chest which told him over and over again that they were both using one another, and they'd hurt that much more in the morning, had subsided. They were two bodies that craved one another, a desire at its purest, and as the car hummed beneath them, the seatbelt digging into his calves, the kiss unbelievably heated, his thong just a mutely-colored garment stretched to its limit between his spread thighs, he was ready to give in to the animalistic hunger at that very moment.

At least, until the cabbie slammed the brakes, and he had to cling to Reeve's shoulders to keep from falling over. Immediately, he felt for his skimpy undergarments and hastily tugged them back upon his hips, sloppily dismounting from the executive's lap. Their driver politely looked straight ahead so they could both adjust, quietly grating out a final amount for his services. Outside, a small, eggshell-colored building was situated among a three-sided, two-story square of little motel rooms. Absently dragging his fingers through his hair, the short general slipped from the taxi and held out his money--plus a little tip for the man's trouble. "Hop out, Reeve," he cooed, moments before slipping into the middle office, "We are here."

Reeve: Reeve pulled away from the kiss and tightened his grip on Kefka's hips to steady them both when the car jerked to a stop. While Kefka slipped back into his underwear, Reeve readjusted his pants and hurriedly closed them up, helping Kefka out of the car and following him onto the sidewalk. He surreptitiously slipped the cabbie another handful of bills to make up for the inconvenience, then followed the blonde up the walkway to the motel.

He was rather surprised, to tell the truth... knowing the tiny general, he'd rather been expecting something ridiculously extravagant, but actually, this place looked rather practical for their needs. Neither of them was likely to be recognized -- well, maybe Kefka, from previous visits -- and he doubted anyone would question them checking in so late. It was even close enough that he could walk home and maybe get a shower before going in to work tomorrow -- but the thought of explaining himself to Vincent in that case changed his mind. No, he'd just shower at the office, he had a change of clothes there anyway.

Their abrupt exit from the cab and the reminder of Vincent broke the mood, and Reeve was a great deal more subdued as they entered the unassuming lobby.

Kefka: He was ridiculously extravagant when it came to only a few things: supplies for missions, his hair, his clothing, and anything that was in his current place of residence. Sex was just one of those things that didn't deserve too much attention--at least, that was his opinion. Rose petals and soft music had never been offered to him before, but it wasn't like his lovers had any choice. A high percentage of his sexual encounters took place away from a bed, anyway. Sex was just sex, a part of human nature, and not something that needed special attention. All curls and white limbs, he bounded toward the reception desk, calling out a pleasant greeting to the sleepy-looking woman seated behind it. Their conversation was brief: how are you, oh just wonderful, how's the boyfriend, isn't he handsome, all exchanged in such hushed tones and rapid speech, that it sounded like a language of its own. Soon enough, he came away with a key and a broad smile, slightly-glazed blue eyes moving to fix on Reeve. "Second floor," he murmured, sliding his arms around one of Reeve's as he lead him outside, "They are a little full tonight."

Their room was a little bit of a walk, toward a flight of stairs farthest from the street. His head rested on the executive's upper arm as though the both of them were longtime lovers who just stopped at this place for a spontaneous roll in the hay, even if they were anything but. He was getting his attention, Reeve was kind to him, and that was all that mattered. As they went along, he leaned up to lightly nuzzle the other's shoulder, and as he turned his head forward again... stopped dead in his tracks. The man that stared at them was tall, and horrifically so, with limbs that looked as though they'd been strapped to something for far too long, fingers gnarled grotesquely, like they'd been broken and rebroken hundreds of times. Reeve wouldn't be able to see him. In fact, no one else would be able to. He cringed from a person who wasn't even there, his heart rate picking up a bit; maybe he should have brought his medicine.

Squeezing his eyes shut, he forced himself to look away, and pulled on Reeve's arm with renewed strength. "We should hurry.."

Reeve: Reeve was perfectly willing to play happy couple, sliding his arms around Kefka's waist and cuddling in.

When Kefka stopped, Reeve paused as well, transferring his grip to Kefka's arm. "What is it?" He asked quietly, stroking the other man's shoulders gently. He hugged him softly when he cringed, then blinked as they were hurried along. "Kefka?"

Kefka: "Nothing... there is no one there." There's no one there, there's no one there.. The words were a mantra in his mind, spinning violently as he tried his damnedest to quell the panic that was quickly undoing an entire night of happiness. There wasn't anyone behind him, smiling knowingly at him, cracked, broken teeth baring underneath flaky lips, giggling softly as he all but retreated up the stairs. He was better now. He didn't need the medication anymore. It was just the drinking that made the shadows meld, the reflection off of the banister creating the white skin... that's all it was.

His inner explanation did little to calm the trembling in his hands, however, when he found the correct door and pushed the key into the deadbolt. There was a small chain that attached to a keychain, the number for their room printed on a slip of paper and taped down; even with this small ornament, the unnatural jingling of the key was painfully obvious. It took too long for the door to swing open, but the moment it did, he forced Reeve inside with one hand, which grasped his shirt sleeve in a death grip and pulled the both of them together with strength unfitting of one so small. "Make yourself comfortable," he murmured, words slurring just a bit as he hastily pushed the door closed and locked it down.

Reeve: "Kefka." Reeve moved to the bed, sitting down and pulling Kefka next to him. "Calm down. Breathe." The smaller man was hyperventilating, the panic making him nervous and jittery. Reeve was getting worried -- he knew why his mood had shifted, but it wasn't anything like this. What could Kefka have seen that would start him freaking out this way.

Kefka: He stumbled after Reeve, his ability to walk in high heels seemingly compromised by his hallucination, and soon settled on the bed next to him. The door was locked, so that man couldn't follow him inside... but the single window that faced the complex did nothing to restrict sight from either side. This knowledge alone sent him into shivers again, causing him to press tightly against Reeve's side. "..can you pull the blinds down?" came his soft request, his fingers curling around the hem of his skirt as he spoke.

Reeve: Reeve nodded, rising and going to the window. He drew the blinds quickly, double checking to make sure they were entirely closed before returning to the general. He knelt on the floor in front of the man and taking his hands gently. "You'll ruin your dress," he said gently, pulling his hands away from the hem. "What happened?"

Kefka: "I do not pay for dresses that unravel just because you tug on them," he commented with a trembling smile, pale blue eyes drifting to the side so he wouldn't have to look Reeve in the face. How was he supposed to explain to someone he'd planned on sleeping with, that he was sick? How could he tell that person that he was on thousands of gil worth of medication--anti-psychotic medication--that he had to refill every week? How was he supposed to say that he hadn't been taking it, because he thought he was better, but now.. he wasn't? Bony shoulders lifted in a small shrug, as the sweet-faced general strengthened his grin, and made up a bold-faced lie. "I thought I saw a dog. They frighten me."

Reeve: Reeve chuckled, squeezing Kefka's hands gently. "Of course. Nothing shabby for the great General Palazzo. " He knew Kefka was lying, the hesitation and the general's refusal to meet his eyes made it blatantly obvious, but he didn't push. If Kefka didn't want to tell him, that was his business. At least he seemed to be calming down now, getting back into control. Reeve kept a hold of his hands until his breathing slowed, wanting to make sure he really was alright before letting go.

Kefka: It was a mutual respect they had for one another; Kefka lied, and Reeve pretended to buy it. He'd never had an attack like this in front of any of his lovers before, save Sigurd, and he imagined that this reaction was a rare one. Most men would insist on playing the role of caring and genuinely concerned, trying to pull out the reason out until Kefka lashed out. Eyes drifting closed, he leaned forward to gently press their lips together, offering a grateful kiss when he couldn't properly say anything else. Little fingers squeezed Reeve's, pulling them into his lap so he could free his own and wrap them around the executive's neck.

Reeve: Reeve wanted to know what was bothering the tiny blonde, but he knew better then to press. If he were in Kefka's shoes, he wouldn't say anything until he was good and ready, and pressing the issue would only upset him more. Instead, he leaned up and returned the kiss, freeing his hand to cup Kefka's cheek gently. He moved closer to the blonde, but kept the kiss gentle, not wanting to push him farther if his mood had changed.

Kefka: His hands fisted in the back of the taller man's shirt, so he would have no choice but to follow accordingly when Kefka laid back on the mattress. He needed to feel the comfort of arms around him, a body shielding him from the eyes of the creatures in his mind, and Reeve had a good touch. He was oh, so careful with him, treating the general like glass when he was anything but. Kefka's tongue gently swept across Reeve's lower lip, just moments before his little white teeth closed around the tender nub and tugged demandingly. His body was beginning to tingle at the mere prospect of feeling those hands upon him again. Breath picking up, he broke the kiss for just a few seconds, lips moving in to whisper against the executive's ear. "Touch me again.. please.."

Reeve: Reeve shivered agreeably, resting over Kefka's body and sliding his hands up the smaller man's side and scooting his dress up over his hips. "Are you sure?" he asked, pressing into the kiss and parting his lips. He flicked his tongue against Kefka's lower lip, pressing closer to him and moving his hands further up his ribs.

Kefka: Blue eyes disappeared behind a flutter of milky eyelids, the small general wrapping his legs around the other man's hips, then squeezing them tightly. The friction against his already-engorged flesh was absolutely maddening, tormenting him as he felt the rough cloth between his thighs and pressing against the thin layer of his underwear. "Ngh... yes..." He felt absolutely feverish beneath the other, as small digits began to greedily pull at the buttons left on Reeve's shirt. Every inch of skin that was exposed soon found itself beneath his curious tongue and scraping teeth, rough kisses dragging along the pale flesh.

Reeve: Reeve gasped in surprise, arching into the kisses. He'd changed entirely from the recalcitrant man Kefka had found in the bar, and now, in fact, was wondering why he'd ever dreamed it was a good idea to say no in the first place. It certainly beat drinking himself under the table and moping alone all night -- not that he would ever admit to his original plan. But he was very, very thankful Kefka had been so stubborn in about dragging him away.

Kefka's affirmation was all he needed to hear. The blonde's fingers and mouth felt incredible, moving over his skin. He pressed in and tucked his head against the pillow, pushing his hands up under the dress to explore Kefka's skin. He rubbed his thumbs over the other man's nipples, pinching the sensitive skin gently before moving on to his shoulders and back, stroking his palms over the muscles.

Kefka: The white shirt was split open, and immediately, his hands began to invade. Reeve was lean--he could do well with a few big meals and lazing about for a day or so--but not unpleasantly so; Kefka's fingers trailed down the grooves of his abdomen, paying special attention to his ribs as they moved up and around... then raked blunt nails down his back. He was hard against Reeve's lower stomach, the head of his reawakened arousal leaving the cloth of his thong decorated with wet spots. Still, he remained patient, breath exiting in a hiss as those fingers pinched his sensitive nipples, then left him so cruelly. His wet mouth slid down around one of the executive's nipples in response, catching it between his teeth and giving an impish tug while his hands slid over the curves of Reeve's ass. Having to change position for any of this to be possible, he was now able to rock his needy groin against Reeve's, letting him feel how erect he was.

Reeve: Reeve was acutely aware of Kefka's arousal, and had been since before they'd left bar, but he rubbed against the other man with equal fervor, his hands gripping Kefka's shoulders tightly. He leaned in and nipped at Kefka's neck, wrapping his lips around his pulse and suckling hard enough to leave a bruise.

He moved his hands lower, to the general's hips, and slid his fingers under the waistband of the thong, peeling it off slowly. He ran his fingers along the inside of Kefka's thighs, working his way up until he wrapped his hand around Kefka's length and began pumping him gently, picking up from where they'd left off in the cab. He shifted off Kefka enough to give them both room to maneuver leaning down to catch the blonde's lips in another needy kiss.

Kefka: He moaned softly against him as he was marked, a shudder pulsing through his entire body that forced his fingers and toes to curl, and his limbs to twitch in need. For only a second, he dropped a hand to fumble with the zipper down the side of his dress. The sound of metal teeth being spread apart was lost among his rushed breaths, his lips meeting Reeve's, but soon, the white dress was bunched around his right side as he tried so desperately to get out of it. This was a rather difficult feat, especially since he was too stubborn to end the kiss, too stubborn to break Reeve's hold on him, and too far wrapped up in desire to even realize that one of these would be a necessary sacrifice.

Legs draped apart, he bucked into Reeve's hand, giving up on the dress for the time being. His own fingers plucked apart the executive's fly and reached inside to gently squeeze the organ hidden from him. He was impatient, writhing miserably against the body above him, his soft mouth bruising itself against Reeve's.

Reeve: Reeve laughed softly into the kiss, pressing into it fiercely for another minute before pulling back and breaking away from the other man, running his fingers along his chest and gently untangling him from the uncooperative garment. He took his time, keeping every caress light and fleeting in response to Kefka's sudden desperation. When he'd finally freed the blonde, he leaned in for another kiss. He nipped at the corner of his mouth, then began trailing a kiss down, pausing at the hollow of his throat and again at his collar bone, marking the skin lightly with his teeth.

Kefka: What in the hell was he doing? Kefka glared up at him in the moment it took for Reeve to remove the rest of his dress and cast it aside, his body trembling in arousal. Reeve was horny--he was erect and had that look in his eye, so that meant he wanted to have sex. Yet, he was messing around, stroking him, teasing him, playing around like they were still engaged in foreplay...! Kefka felt the lips along his throat and chest, and in an uncharacteristic manner, arched his back and moaned loudly; that certainly was different.. The blonde's hands, without Reeve's hips to cling to, wrapped around his shoulders and held tightly. In just a few minutes' time, he'd managed to become more sensitive than normal--what was wrong with him..?

Reeve: The glare almost sent Reeve laughing again, which really would have dampened things, but luckily Reeve managed to hold it in, continuing his journey down Kefka's body. He raked his teeth over the other man's nipple lightly, revenge for earlier. He tormented the bud with his lips and tongue, absently flicking the other and rolling it between his fingers until the first was flush and taut. Then he switched sides, bringing his hand up to pinch and rub the abused flesh while his mouth worked the other into a similar state.

Kefka clearly wasn't used to taking his time in these situations, which only made Reeve want to tease him more. He resisted and moved on, breaking away from Kefka's nipples and continuing to kiss down his sternum. He hit Kefka's naval and paused, nibbling at the overhanging skin and rimming the indentation with his tongue, half a tease and half a promise of later events.

Kefka: Damn him... oh, damn him! Kefka's eyes were moist from red-hot pleasure, fixed on the man who teased his nipples and turned him into a twitching mess. The general bit down roughly on a knuckle to muffle his cries, his other hand moving to fist in silky locks of auburn. For someone so low-maintenance, he certainly did take fine care of his hair, the blonde mused just moments before he felt those lips touch his bellybutton. Jerking suddenly, his hips bucked up in need, penis flushed a lovely pink as he offered it shamelessly to the executive. If it didn't feel so good, he'd say something to him. But he knew the moment he lowered his hand from his lips, he'd start moaning, and Reeve wouldn't take anything he managed to get out as a word of truth. The bastard was toying with him, waiting for him to beg... but he had another thing coming.

Reeve: Poor Kefka. Was it always about power with him? He didn't even realize that he was in control, that he could push Reeve to whatever pace he wanted and the executive would barely mutter a protest. Reeve had no interest at all in making Kefka beg, he just wanted to bring him pleasure. He was beginning to suspect Kefka, for all his sexual experience, had very rarely ever really enjoyed it.

Reeve pulled away from the blonde's abs, stroking his member lightly in his hand before leaning down and taking the head into his mouth. He swirled his tongue over the tip, teasing the slit gently and running pressure along the vein on the underside. Slowly, he worked his lips down the length, suckling softly and stroking the base in one hand, pumping just a little bit roughly. With his other hand, he stroked over Kefka's hip softly, countering the pleasure with one soothing, grounding sensation.

Kefka: He let out a tiny yelp as that mouth wrapped around him, sitting up suddenly and giving Reeve's hair a sharp tug. This was all too much, too fast, and if he didn't start doing something soon, it'd be over before it ever really began. "S-stop..." came that soft hiss of a whisper, as he pressed his knees tightly together and pulled them out of reach. You're going to kill me. "Let me take care of you too.. all right?"

Giving a confident smirk, he slid down and turned completely around, his lips pressing against the fly that he'd managed to open before. With his legs sprawled out, his arousal was completely exposed for Reeve's attention, but now, he was able to reciprocate properly. One pale hand rested on the back of the executive's hip, the other easing the executive's slacks down around his thighs to allow that member to fit neatly into his mouth should he decide to lift his head. A small pink tongue slid from between his lips to curiously slide across the head, tasting Reeve for the first time and finding him to be most pleasant. Tiny kisses were dropped on the heated tip, special attention paid to the slit that continued to ooze precome.

Reeve: Reeve yelped softly at the tug on his hair, but he pulled back immediately when Kefka said "stop." He paused, nuzzling the other man's hip until he moved out of reach. "If you want," he responded, closing his eyes and shivering when Kefka began undressing him. He gasped softly when he began mouthing at his penis, stroking his hand through the blonde's hair softly.

Without the hot mouth engulfing him, he could finally calm himself down and concentrate on more familiar territory. The entire purpose of alcohol was to cast aside all of their inhibitions, yet Reeve was still trying to take things slow, even though he was wanting it just as badly as Kefka. The blonde's lips fit in a tight suction around the first few inches, giving the organ a gentle suck just moments before plunging his head downward, his tongue sliding noisily along the thick length as he went. It had felt good, but... it confused him more than anything. Reeve was.. patient. And whoever he eventually took interest in should count themselves lucky--his was a rare breed indeed.

Reeve definitely was counting himself as lucky, but then again, he had a very low opinion of his own self-worth, so he often considered it a lucky happenstance when someone did favor him. At the same time, though, he felt a little sad that Kefka was so wound up he couldn't just relax and enjoy the experience for what it was. Ah, well... they had the room for the entire night. They could work on it.

Later. Now was very fine the way it was. Reeve gasped, stroking through Kefka's hair gently and fighting not to press further into his mouth. God, that felt amazing. He whimpered softly, biting his lip. "Kefka... want you, please..."

Kefka: He felt the muscles beginning to tense beneath his hands, and inside, his stomach did a happy little flip-flop. That tone of voice, the reaction, everything, was also something he was familiar with, and it was a clear signal that he was doing things correctly. With a soft, reluctant purr, he released the moistened organ with a gentle lolling of his tongue. On hands and knees, he flashed a sultry look up at the executive, swollen pink lips spreading into a self-assured smirk. He looked cute when he was flustered like this... Like a kitten curious about something completely new and fascinating, he crawled into the other's lap, arms resting on gently-sloping shoulders. "Do you want to be inside of me..?" he murmured, dragging his tongue around the rim of one ear as he spread his legs, suspending his entrance above the erection he held in one hand. Gradually, he began to ease himself downward, entrance stretching around the heated head.

Reeve: Reeve moaned in surprise, tucking his face against Kefka's neck and nipping softly. He stroked a hand over his hips, shivering and stilling him before he could go any further. "Wait... I can find something..." He didn't want to take Kefka dry, even with the blonde controlling the speed of the action, he was worried he might hurt him.

Kefka: Pale blue eyes fluttered in similar surprise, pausing just as he was told. There was preparation--minor, as Kefka's saliva added a bare minimum of lubrication to the length that pulsed in his hand--but... here he was, being patient again. The blonde leaned back, releasing the organ as he slid down to seat himself comfortably in Reeve's lap, then readjusted himself so he could rest his head against the executive's chest. A question now gnawed at him to be asked, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. If they waited much longer, he was sure they'd both end up going crazy (as if a crazy person could go crazy again, he mused), so he decided to keep it to himself as he slowly nodded. "All right... I will not go anywhere," came that soft voice, as he climbed from Reeve's legs and waited quietly.

Reeve: Reeve tucked a strand of hair behind Kefka's ear, leaning down and kissing him softly. Poor Kefka was so confused by him. But if his question was whether Reeve was secretly in love with him, the answer was a definite no. No, he was this sickeningly sweet with everyone. That was almost more terrifying in its own way.

Reeve broke the kiss for a second and slipped into the bathroom, returning with a small bottle of hand lotion that would serve nicely. He returned to the bed, settling back against the headboard and tugged Kefka back into his lap.

Kefka: He moved willingly into that second embrace, his forehead finding a place to lean against right against Reeve's own. Blonde waves were swept neatly down the curve of his back, his knees resting on either side of the other's thighs; there was nothing sexual in this gesture, and that was even more frustrating in itself. From the signals he was getting from the executive, what could he assume? It was painfully obvious what was running through Reeve's mind. Swallowing back pride and hormones for a moment, he went ahead and asked. "Reeve... why are you so... careful with me? You are not going to hurt me, you know.."

Reeve: Reeve raised an eyebrow, nuzzling the underside of the other man's jaw and stroking down his side softly. "Because it's painfully clear that no one has ever bothered being careful with you before." Reeve pressed a kiss just behind Kefka's ear, moving down to his throat softly. "Stop thinking so much," he murmured against the skin, his hand coming down to sweep over Kefka's length softly. "Just enjoy the feelings without analyzing them."

Kefka: How could someone manage to stay so intelligent with strong alcohol coursing through his system? Kefka had always thought he handled the stuff well, but in Reeve, he'd met his match. While he was still thinking about his question, the executive was giving an answer that made perfect sense. "I am impatient--" he began, but was cut off by those soft kisses to his throat and the attention to the tip of his member. The blonde quivered against Reeve, one knuckle curling and pressing between his teeth to muffle a sound of surprise; he merely nodded, cheeks heated by a feverish redness, but he refused to sit idly by while things were done to him. His free hand trailed down the executive's chest, rubbing softly at him while he made himself relax against the other male.

Reeve: "I noticed," Reeve chuckled, his breath brushing Kefka's ears slowly. He reached around the blonde to open the lotion bottle, idly rubbing the top of Kefka's cleft gently. "Does that mean I should keep going?"

To be entirely fair to Kefka, he'd been having mixed drinks while Reeve had only had a few beers and two shots. And that had been over an hour ago, now. The initial rush was beginning to wear off, because he hadn't really drunk enough for it to last. And he'd paced himself pretty well, up until the shots.

Kefka: "Yes..." he whispered, arching into that finger to allow it entrance. His head tilted to the side so he could gently nibble at the executive's throat, concentrating mostly around his Adam's apple and pulse point; first, his teeth closed around a patch of skin, welting it just slightly, then his tongue swept across the same area, gently soothing away any pain. Kefka's hands busied themselves down the other male's chest, gently tugging at his nipples and rolling them between his fingertips.

Reeve: Reeve moaned, spreading the lotion over his index finger and repositioning it to slide into Kefka's body gently, pushing past the natural muscle resistance. His other hand fell between them, wrapping around Kefka's penis and pumping him slowly in time with the thrusts of his finger.

After a few moments, he added a second finger, slowly sliding them into him and building a rhythm. He pressed closer to the blonde, tilting his head back to expose more of his throat and rubbing their bodies together softly.

Kefka: He let out a choked whimper and bucked back into that intruding digit, wanting to feel it slide deeper into his body. His mouth pressed hungry, open-mouthed kisses to the executive's neck now, which eventually branched out to his shoulders and chest, decorating the skin in a thin trail of saliva. At the second finger, he tensed for only a moment, then rolled his hips backwards. Feeling, not analyzing, despite his brain's muddled attempts to figure out why someone would take this much time to prepare for the best part, he just breathed out in contentment, trembling fingers trailing down the other male's abdomen to stroke just below his navel. There wasn't much else he could reach, unfortunately. "..it feels good, Reeve..." came an almost ashamed confession, as his insides tightened around the two fingers pressed within him.

Reeve: "That's the idea," Reeve murmured, tipping his chin up so that he could kiss him. He spread his fingers wider, stretching the muscle gently before smoothing the rest of the lotion over his own length, rubbing against Kefka's ass gently. "Ready?" He nibbled on the blonde's lower lip, sliding his hand around to pump his length slowly.

Kefka: Chuckling softly, he pursed his lips out for a fairly chaste kiss, as one hand crept back to lift the thick arousal he'd been forced to abandon earlier. Without another word, he plunged himself downward, no longer patient enough to wait for things to be done the proper way. He took Reeve in to the hilt, manipulating his inner walls to contract almost violently around the organ embedded within him. Coupled with the tender affections to his own erection, he couldn't stifle the cry of pleasure that ripped itself from his lips, the sound wavering only slightly as he pulled halfway up and pressed back down. Long fingernails pressed crescent-moon indentions into the other man's back as he went along, body shuddering with sensations that took his breath away.

Reeve: Reeve gasped in surprise, his hips slamming up to meet Kefka of their own accord. He pressed in close to the smaller man, grazing his teeth over the skin of his neck and beginning to suckle at his pulse point. He tightened his hand around Kefka length, moving against him with the rhythm he'd set.

Kefka: Brow furrowing as waves of pleasure swept over him, he continued clinging to Reeve's back with one hand, while he used the other to hold tightly to his shoulder. His hips slid upward with a queer sort of grace, tormenting the both of them as it lingered up high, then shakily, he thrust them back down, until he could feel Reeve pulsing deep inside. Every movement was a teasing stroke to his prostate, that made the edges of his vision sizzle to white and his voice curl into keening moans of delight. Each time he took the other within him, he forced himself to sit up straight, causing his channel to contract around the hot member.

Reeve: Reeve let out a quiet moan, rubbing his thumb over the head of Kefka's member and working him slowly. He pulled the blonde closer against him, kissing up his jaw and behind his ear, thrusting his hips against Kefka's down strokes to press further up into him. One hand slid down the general's chest, circling over his nipples and rubbing them slowly. The other pressed against the small of his back for leverage as Reeve thrust up into him.

Kefka: The blonde's tongue slid from his mouth to swipe over Reeve's lower lip, his toes spreading as he rocked himself back down against those patient thrusts; his chest quivered beneath Reeve's fingers, made suddenly aware of the sensitivity of the area in a rather shocking moment. Long nails scraped lightly across the other's broad shoulders, the touch meant to be light, but every time the executive thrust up inside of him, his fingers tightened subconsciously along firm skin. "...ngn... Reeve..." Eyes squeezing shut, he leaned forward to initiate a timid kiss, trying to muffle the moans of delight that surfaced when he hit that sweet spot inside of him with particular firmness. "..please... please don't stop.."

Reeve: Reeve parted his lips to the kiss, gasping at the feel of Kefka's nails against his shoulders. Generally, anything rough would him running in the other direction, but this far in, a great deal of his common sense had melted away. Now, it felt surprisingly good.

"Not gonna stop." He pushed up against Kefka, continuing the kiss. He yanked Kefka in closer, pressing their chests flush and dropping his hand back to the smaller man's length, tracing his fingers along the sensitive skin gently.

Kefka: Knowing how easily he was steered only sought to arouse him farther, a noisy groan ripping from his throat when he felt skin melding with his own, the other’s breath offering slight resistance as he fought to choke in air. This position left his prostate exposed, and no matter how he angled his own hips, Reeve hit it every time. The edges of his vision slowly brightened to white, pale blue eyes widening in the rapture of the moment; as the executive brought him closer and closer to climax, he found he needed another holding. This he solved by gripping the other man’s hair at the base of his skull, his other hand reaching out to grip the headboard behind them. With this added stability, he thrusted back violently, the squeaking of the mattress beneath them, the other’s breath in his ear, the swishing of hot fingertips across his slick manhood, all rocketing him to oh, so near to the euphoria he desired.

Reeve: Reeve gasped in surprise when Kefka switched position, the change in angle making it feel like the other man was clenched twice as hard around him. He wrapped his fingers around Kefka's length completely, pumping him faster. Kefka's hand forced his head forward, so he nuzzled in against his neck, nipping softly at the exposed skin.

Kefka: Miserably, he arched into that hand, his body tensing up with such a force that he stopped breathing for a moment. It was the calm before the storm, while his muscles contracted, his hear trate spiked, and his mind reeled, then he was swept away. Moaning uncontrollably, he shuddered as spurt after spurt of hot, sticky seed coated their stomachs and thighs, staining Reeve's fingers in messy white. He couldn't speak, he couldn't cry out--all that escaped was the man's name, over and over, as Kefka's insides clamped down around the penetrating member in a near death grip. The blonde was a shuddering mass of bony limbs and contorting muscle atop Reeve's lap, continuing to move as he rode out the length of his orgasm.

Reeve: Reeve let out a low moan when Kefka began contracting around him. He slowed his thrusts, wrapping his arms around Kefka to steady him and kissing his neck as he crested. He waited until the other man was calm before speeding up again, reaching his peak quickly after watching Kefka come. He thrust up hard into the smaller man, emptying his seed into him and pressing his face against Kefka's skin.

Kefka: The male's voice returned in the form of soft, uncertain whimpers, his swollen lips closing and opening slowly as he gasped for air, gradually giving in to the sweet call of atrophy. He barely registered the warm liquid that seeped down to cling to the backs of his thighs, too busy clinging to the other man as though he was a child. Long nails pressed crescent-shaped marks into the backs of Reeve's shoulders, his sweaty head propped up against the side of the other's; he felt warm, safe, but as reason slowly began to seep back into his muddled brain, he decided that it had nothing to do with the fact that he was being held so close. It was the alcohol. Had to be. "...I will be completely honest with you, Reeve," he murmured, voice cracking as it fluctuated between pitches, "...you are quite a bit better at this than your fashion sense and personality imply.."

Reeve: There was a choked cough against Kefka's shoulder that sounded distinctly like a snicker. Reeve detached himself from the other man slowly, sliding his hips away to pull out of him. But he noticed how tightly Kefka was clinging to him, and hesitated before unwrapping his arms from him. He ran his hands over the other man's back gently, settling Kefka against him. "I'll take that in the spirit it was intended," he said, hiding a grin in the blonde hair and nosing the strands gently. "Thanks."

Kefka: He couldn't pull his fingers away. There was a terrible feeling settled at the pit of his stomach now that everything was over, like a thousand little eyes were watching from the shadows, and he wasn't about to turn and face them. He knew he needed to sleep--he always felt better when he slept. His eyes were already squeezed shut, head buried against Reeve's neck, and tiny shivers had sprouted up along his back and arms, announcing that he was ready to be wrapped up again. "..let us climb beneath the blankets... I do not wish to shower you away just yet.." he mumbled as he shifted closer to that comforting body.

Reeve: Reeve stroked a hand through his hair, tucking him in closer and then reaching down to free the sheets. He scooted Kefka away from the wet spot, tucking him under the sheets and then scooting in beside him.

"Is everything all right?" He inquired softly, sliding in next to him. He ran a hand down the other man's shoulder, his palm running over goose bumps and tucking the blanket around him more firmly. Reeve was well acquainted with post-coital depression, but this seemed rather extreme. He scooted in against Kefka's side, pulling him in and sliding an arm around him to shield him from the cold air and whatever else was bothering him.

Kefka: The blonde held fast, for all of their moving and readjusting, and willed himself not to do anything stupid. He was just feeling vulnerable after a mind-blowing ride, strangely open and exposed--that was all it was. He wasn't hallucinating anymore, there weren't anymore voices, he was just... tired. However, he couldn't seem to warm up, even with the embrace that shielded him from the night air and the blankets pressed right against his skin. He shivered like a leaf against the other's naked form, his breath coming in shallow but silent gasps, a forewarning that their happy afterglow would be ruined if he didn't act soon. "I am tired... Just make sure no one comes in, all right?"

The latter part of the statement was added as an afterthought, Kefka not even bothering to think as he forced his mind to shut down. Just a few hours of sleep, and then they'd have a nice morning. Right?

Reeve: Reeve hesitated, then kissed Kefka quickly before scooting away. He padded over to the door, checking quickly that it was locked and fastening the chain. He returned to bed, scooting in and stroking along Kefka's shoulder soothingly. "Get some rest," he advised, running his fingers through the blonde's hair.

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