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The Secrets of Esper
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June 2007
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Another Seal Keeper

Who: Emeralda, Kuja, maybe Garnet?
When: early afternoon
Where: Narshu borders
What: Kuja's arrival to Narshu
Warning: none
Status: ongoing

It was a little different this time - Kuja, as a young but strong and capable Priest, will come alone or only with a few of his tribesmen accompanying him. Emeralda was sitting on a heartberry tree since hours, picking the ripe fruits and shooting the seeds at various targets. Sure, it wasn't the most mature thing to do, but she was supposed to greet the arriving SealKeeper, and she didn't want to miss him.

Yawning, Emeralda fingered her necklace, the yellowish materia beads warm under her touch. How does Kuja look like? Sure, Chief Lee told her - tall, slender with long silvery hair and a furry tail, the characteristic mark of all genomes. But that never really helped, no matter how detailed the description, seeing the other was always better.

Despite being idle for so long, the girl wasn't bored - there were many things to think about. Aydee... Who could be very well dead by now. So who will avenge his brother, Fei...? Who will be able to tame his black chocobo?

Emeralda shook herself, like a wet dog, to chase away the depressive thoughts, and popped another heartberry into her mouth. Swallowing the sweet, hard flesh, she took the seed and aimed-