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The Secrets of Esper
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June 2007
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Reeve Tuesti [userpic]

Who: Vincent and Reeve
When: Just after all the hubbub in the jungle
Where: Meteor
What: Reunion (not the crazy genetic kind)
Warning: Cats
Status: Closed

My, but ShinRa was a bustle of activity these days. While Kefka and Sigurd had been out making themselves infamous, Reeve had made his own trip to the jungle, where he'd overseen the troops Kefka'd lent him, clearing out the monsters who plagued the Meteor/Ultima line. The rains were coming down thick and constant now, filling many hours of the afternoon. Reeve could think of many adjectives to describe the campaign, and none of them were 'glamerous', though 'muddy' did come to mind.

It was insanely welcome to return to the city, his flat, his heated, non-leaky office, and even, yes, the pile of paperwork surrounding his desk. The little jaunt had set him behind, but work could continue on the line during the few hours of sun each day, and that made Reeve's spirit soar regardless of how busy he was now.

Because he was busy. Very busy. Insanely busy, which was significantly more busy than even his normal frantic schedule.

He moved the black seven-red six-black five onto a red eight as he pondered just how exceptionally busy he was. Red queen... he knew he had a space for a red queen...

It took quite some time to find the place, but in the end it mattered little if anything at all. Vincent was standing in front of what he assumed was his old friend, Reeve's office. Standing stock still and listening like a spy in the night was probably a bad habit of his, but it sure came in handy at times.
Nothing could be heard though, save for the click-clack of the keyboard an/or mouse of a computer so Vincent decided to knock. That could do no harm.

Reeve looked up, minimizing the window and clearing his throat, leaning over to shuffle some papers so it would look like he was actually doing something. "Come in," he called, wondering how anyone had gotten past his secretary. he hadn't forgotten an appointment, had he...? No, he was sure not. Then who could it possibly be?

Yes, the same voice, no doubt about it. This was Reeve. And by the nervous/annoyed undertone, he was doing anything but work again. Typical. The whole thought-process somehow made the stoic gunner smile, thus he entered said room with this rare show of positive emotion on his face. Hell knows, maybe he even counted on the effect it would have on the other man combined with his sudden visit !

Reeve looked up, blinking in shock at the man who entered his office. It took a few slow seconds, but soon he was wearing a matching smile. He rose from his chair in a bound and caught himself before he attacked the other man with a hug, settling on taking his hand briefly, not wanting to overstep. "Vincent! Planet bless it, what are you doing here?"

"It has been a while, hasn't it?" Vincent asked casually during the brief handshake. "Visiting a friend I guess, but correct me if I'm wrong !"

"You're certainly not wrong," Reeve said, looking down and smiling. He didn't have to do a tally in his head to know it had been seven years. He reclaimed his hand when Vincent released it, and pulled two chairs out from the desk, taking one. "How have you been?"

Vincent settled in the offered chair and instantly killed the urge to sigh. Much more convenient than those damned campsite stools he used nowadays.
"Alive... and that's the most I can claim right now. And you?" A poor tactic to win some time to think of something at least marginally positive to say, bu it was worth a shot. It carried the conversation on, didn't it?

Reeve was about to answer when he heard the phone jangle noisily on the other side of the desk. He winced and reached to answer it, mouthing an apology to Vincent as he dealt with the business on the other end. A few moments later he hung up, half-laughing. "I'm sorry. That about covers it, really... I've been... busy." He shrugged. "I'm so sorry, Vincent, this really is an awful time for me. Where are you staying? I'll come by after work and take you out for a drink or something... we really need to catch up properly."

Vincent just smiled at first. Why apologise? It was him to come here unbidden and at a stupid time like that.

"No, it is my fault... sorry for the inconvenience... However, you hit just the right topic. I don't really have a place to stay yet, so it's going to be somewhat difficult to tell you where to find me." But as he glanced over to the annoying phone, half expecting the cursed thing to ring again he got an idea.
"But I can give you my number... yeah, finally bought a cell-phone" he added at seeing the disbelieving expression on his friend's face.

Reeve was looking quite shocked. "A cell phone?" He smiled. "I'm so proud of you, Vincent. Here, let me write down my number for you." He reached over to the desk and grabbed one of his business cards, flipping it over and scribbling his number on the back. "It's not necessary, you know. I mean, you're welcome to stay with me. It's not like we don't have experience." He grinned as he passed the card over. "I've even got a second bedroom, now," he added jokingly.

The gunner accepted the card, took a short look at the number then put the thing quickly away into one of the many pockets of his black pants.

"Really? I'm so proud of you'" he mocked Reeve simply for some light fun. "Than if you don't mind, I accept your offer. It's the best and safest way I know... if not the most convenient... Still crazy about cats ?"

Reeve grinned. "I'm sure some of them will remember you." Hopefully Vincent could make it through the visit without having his possessions shredded, shed, or peed on -- Reeve didn't know why cats hated Vincent so much, but the animosity was certainly notable.

"Oh joy !" Vincent smirked. He could still remember a huge black beast... main coon or whatever Reeve called that thing... running around with peaces of his favorite black T-shirt in its mouth, not to mention the day spent with washing his clothes when one of those bastards mistook his suitcase for the catcloset...

Hey! Blanche was a perfectly nice cat, and she'd just been trying to make a nest to have her babies on. And that teeshirt was cotton, and just out of the wash. It was a perfectly acceptable bedding substitute. And Reeve had bought him a new one...

He sighed as the phone rang again, ignoring it. "So, how have you been? I haven't heard from you at all in ages. What have you been doing?"

With an 'aren't you going to answer that?' look on his face Vincent sighed and proceeded to tell his friend the truth. Reeve deserved at least that much.

Reeve made it absolutely clear he had no intent of answering the phone and listened quietly to everything Vincent told him. The phone was still ringing, but he reached over and hit the silencer on the ring. Just this one afternoon, he felt this was more important.

"Well, I'm pretty much doing the same as when we last met... hiding, pretending that I don't exist, hunt for monsters and treasures, try to sell what I can or deem worthy to..."

Reeve smiled and nodded. "I guess it's going well?" He asked. "You seem to have kept yourself busy the last seven years..." He didn't mean to be passive aggressive. It just kind of popped out. Besides, he was curious.

"Uhm... yes, sort of... , you know how it is. If luck is on my side, it at least keeps anybody off my tale who'd be nosy enough to stalk me in cities. Not to mention, this place has some history ! It's worth to try and uncover."

Reeve smiled, glancing down. "How long will you be staying?"

Vincent looked away , clearly reluctant to answer. "Not sure... A couple of days if that's all right with you" And he heaved a heavy sigh, lost in thought for a second. Things haven't been going all that smoothly lately and he was running out of money rapidly so he was in for some library work if he wanted to find some new relics to plunder.

Reeve heard the sigh and reached out and touched his hand, hesitantly. "Vincent, you can stay with me as long as you need to. You know that. "I've got plenty of room. And we can keep the cats out of your bedroom... If things are bad, you can tell me."

Sensing the change in atmosphere - it was getting sorta depressing, not that this wasn't a familiar mood for him, but certainly not the most welcome one- Vincent decided to try and change the subject and as a pleasant side-effect maybe get off the topic about himself:

"Ha, you better! Why do you keep those pests around anyways? Wouldn't it be better and hell knows, maybe easier to just find a girl?"

Poor Reeve. He didn't even realize that several girls in the immediate area already were throwing themselves at him already. He flushed and yanked his hand back, trying to be as subtle as possible. In the end, it wasn't very subtle at all. "It'd probably be easier, you're right." He laughed a little, looking down and shrugging. "I like the pests. They're very sweet."

"Now that's some reasoning for you " Vincent laughed. Trust Reeve to make even the most aloof of people smile.

Reeve smiled, looking away. "The cats are probably easier in the long run than a girl anyway."

"Who knows... "

Vincent wasn't too great with girls himself, he'd more than once overlooked swooning girls in his life and had bad luck even with the few he decided to go out with, but the change of subject was well worth this risk.

Reeve shrugged, trying to hide his discomfort with this subject. "Well... I don't know. I think I'll just stick to the cats." He shifted, absently toying with a pen from his desk. "But if you ever find out, do let me know."

"Well, they're certainly better than those junglecats I usually meet. And a lot smaller to." than after a lost battle of trying to convince him not to be mean with Reeve he added "Better shooting practice..." but his grin sort of took the edge off said sentence.

Reeve swatted at him lightly, trying to look properly angry, and not silly, which was how he felt. "I'd worry about them, if I didn't know you couldn't hit an elephant point blank with those things," he teased in return. The phone on his desk fell silent, and his cell began ringing in its place. Reeve gave up, pulling it out to look at. "I think they want me back to work," he remarked, shaking his head and sighing. "I should probably get this... it might be important."

"You wish ! ... Anyways, I think you're right, they do seem to need you right now, so I'll be off. Just tell me when or where too meet you so I can move in. I'll be roaming the city 'till then. And if anything should come up I now have your number."

Reeve shook his head, checking his computer quickly and wincing at the long list of messages cluttering up his desktop. "No, wait. I'm going to need to deal with this on-sight. I'll give you the address and the key and you can let yourself in. And I'll have my phone on me... Don't bother waiting up for me, I won't be back until late." If he got home at all. He smiled, shaking his head. "I'm sorry, Vincent... Here."

He grabbed a spare note pad and begain writing directions to his flat, pulling free his keychain and unearthing a spare housekey from the center of the stack. He passed both to Vincent, smiling. "Here. You'll have somewhere to go at the very least."

Vincent nodded his thanks and stood to leave.

"I'll be going then, will be seeing you ... if I don't get killed by one of those furballs. Oh, and thank you !"

Reeve smiled, standing as well. "It's nothing, Vincent. Really. You're very welcome."

"I'll find a way to repay you!" Vincent stated and walked out the door without a second word or waiting for Reeves protests for that matter.