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The Secrets of Esper
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sephiroth_esper [userpic]
Meeting of the generals

Who: Sigurd, Sephiroth (perhaps others)
When: between Sigurd's return and Sephiroth's departure
Where:  Meteor 
What: meeting
Warning: none so far
Status: on-going

They were to meet in the evening, since it was the only time they both had free in their scheludes. They were going out intot he Meteor, so Sephiroth decided to forgo his usual attire, which attracted far more attention than was welcome, and instead chose a simple pair of trousers and a black sweater, his hair bound low, between shoulder blades.

it did nto really make him inconsipious, but less standing out perhaps, yes.

He was glad to be meeting Sigurd. They have been in the academy together and he remembered the other man well. The general was also certain he would have some interesting things to say about his own trip into the Esperian jungle. It was alwyas interesting. 

He came out of his quarters in the Shinra building and made his way to their meeting point by the gates of the complex, arriving there exactly on time.

Current Location: Meteor