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The Secrets of Esper
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June 2007
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sephiroth_esper [userpic]
Jungle Expedition

Who: Cloud, Sephiroth, Zack and NPCs (eventually other soldiers, those who want to join)
When: a week after Sigurd's and Kefka's coming back
Where: Esperian jungles
What: training and monster-hunting
Warning: none so far
Status: on-going

The cars jumped again on a root showing over the ground and Sephiroth could almost hear the clatter of jaws shutting, when they landed back. The route was not an easy one, considering how far they wanted to go and the starting pint they chose. The cars barely made it though, trying to find something resembling a road for the vehicles to fit in between all the trees, high growing plants and all the other obstacles. Yet, going on foot, while perhaps more sensible in that departement would take much longer and before they even got where they wanted to, they would have to be going back.

Besides, the general wanted to see how they would fare so far from any sign of civilization.

The driver kept his eyes on the road, listening to Sephiroth's directions, who kept glancign at a map, that was more or less accurate. He would have prefered an accurate one, but this was really the best they got. And it was slightly annoying.

Their destination was only a short way from where they were fortunately, even if they had to take a rounding way because of the jeeps. They've been driving two days already and he knew everyone had had enough of doing nothing and merely sitting in the car, watching the same view all the time. Jungle did not change much along the way, except for a small stream here and there.

When they finally arrived, Sephiroth got out as one of the first and then gave sign to move out, the soldiers fromt he cars coming out. He stretched his cramped muscles and looked that the group that they had chosen. Those were the best, those who could in the future become 1st class themselves. The worst ones were left for another round, for now having been left with a practice schelude, that will make those present here glad they taged along.

He looked at them and then focused on one of the second class.

"Take four more and check the northern and eastern perimeter. And you," he looked at another, "do the same with south and west. I want no surprises today."

Current Location: Esperian jungle