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The Secrets of Esper
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June 2007
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Reno [userpic]

Who: Reno, Daatu, random NPC
When: Monday afternoon
Where: Meteor City
What: Turk job. (Interrogation-style)
Warning: Language, small violence. (PG-13?)
Status: Closed

Reno shrugged into his dark jacket and checked his various weapons one more time. He had called Daatu earlier and asked her to meet him at the far side of Meteor and to be ready for the usual business. Picking up a few more things, Reno locked his flat and drove to the meeting point.

The streets were full of people, just finishing their jobs and walking-driving home. The bars and restaurants were full as well and after parking down Reno walked into the Short Days and ordered a coffee for himself. He was a few minutes early.

Their target lived just a few blocks away and his usual places to haunt were around as well. It wouldn't be that hard to find the unfortunate mister Lawrence.