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The Secrets of Esper
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June 2007
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Reno [userpic]

Who: Daatu and Reno
When: 10th of January
Where: Meteor City
What: Dancing, drinking, and flirting
Warning:Hetsmut - NC-17!
Status: Finished

It was time to claim a favor. Reno owed her for helping him out with the neglected paperwork he had. It had not taken an age but it still had taken a good chunk of time away from her day... not that she'd had anything to do. She was currently pacing her bedroom, phone to her ear, calling the taller red head to see what he was up to.

Reno picked up the phone after the second ring without looking at the screen; he had been at his new home, enjoying the sweet cushion to its fullest when the phone rang. "Reno," he said.

"Hey...sexy bitch. I think you owe me a favor..." she said, grinning as she heard his voice. She loved him to bits, she really did, but then again she loved all of them to little bits.

"Daatu, hello there, " Reno said and sat up properly. His mind raced back to his promise of everything - within reasons, of course - and grinned as well. "I thought you had already forgotten 'bout that. Whatcha want from me, sweet girl?"

She laughed out loud. "Oh no... Not every day Reno...Bad ass red head Turk says he will return a favor... I don't wanna drink alone tonight... Come out with me?" she said softly, still grinning as she eyed her closet. "I got a yen to try that new bar/dance place but i don't want to go alone."

Reno's grin morphed into a laugh at his apt description. Daatu's request wasn't even a bit dangerous, nor did it require work so Reno didn't even think about arguing. "Sure thing. Should I pick ya up or will you come over?" he asked. Standing up he opened the wardrobe's doors to look through his clothes. He would need something sluttish but with enough fabric to cover a gun or knife. "What kinda place is this?"

"It looks kinda high end from the outside but I've seen all kinds of stuff walk through the door. You name it, it's probably been in there." She was rummaging through her things as well, seeking something wicked but nothing so wicked that she could not take her gun with her. She'd never been there before and did not want to go unarmed.

"All right." Reno leant against a wall after deciding on a shirt which mostly lacked the front but covered his shoulders and back. Sparing a glance at the clock, he said, "Around ten I'll pick you up."

"Sounds lovely..." She purred, not caring if he heard her disrobe or not. She was going to grab a shower and such now and simply deal with it. It was currently about 7;30 pm and she needed the time. "See you then...' she said softly, slipping form her shirt as she said her goodbyes.

"Yeah, bye, lovely," Reno replied to her, then closed the phone. He shorted through his pants for a pair of sinfully tight, white-washed jeans then decided to finish the last few pages of the chapter of the book he was reading before the shower. He had more than enough time. Ten minutes after ten, Reno parked down before Daatu's flat and called her phone instead of ringing the bell like normal people would.

"Hello?" She answered, finishing touches of make up being applied. She knew it was Reno, the caller ID said so.

"I am waiting downstairs, Daatu," he informed her. "And here, I thought, you'll be the one waiting for me."

She snorted as she hung up and pocketed the phone. She snagged her smallest gun, stuck it in her boot and snagged her keys and out the door she went. She wore a pair of snug fitting jeans, like Reno, but had topped it off with a down right sinful top of green silk...almost matched her eyes and a pair of slouchy black leather kneeboots. hair done perfectly, thanks, yet again to Kefka for his skills with cosmetics and hair supplies. She slid into Reno's car with a smirk.

"Y'know, if I didna know better, I'd think you wanna charm me away," Reno commented and touched a stray red hair just before Daatu's ear. "You look lovely." The soft smile remained at the side of his lips as Reno started the engine and let the car go.

She flushed at the compliment, she couldn't help it. "Well... to be fair... you look pretty smashing yourself." She tried hard not to stare at his frame. God he looked good. she bet he knew that already though.

"Hehe, thanks," Reno said. He knew he was handsome but it never hurt when others repeated it for him. He followed her soft spoken instructions to the bar's location. "So, is there any special occasion? Like you dumping that idiot Soldier-boy?" Reno asked, his voice filled with teasing humour. While he didn't really like Zack, the Soldier was good for Daatu, and Reno could see why they were attracted to each other. "Or you wanna get a girlfriend next to him?"

Daatu quirked a brow at Reno's description of Zack. "Watch what you say Red... You don't have to like him." She said softly, turning to stare at Reno with big green eyes. "No I've not dropped him. and why...why on earth would i want a girlfriend?" She asked, face going red at the implication.

"For fun?" Reno asked back, his eyes sparkling with mischief. He ignored the warning, after all, he wouldn't do anything more against Zack than snarking until the Soldier was Daatu's lover. "I mean there are things only a woman can understand in another woman." He paused and turned to flash a wide grin at Daatu. He was even less serious than usually. "And it would be kinda hot, watchin' you in a liplock with a pretty blonde with breasts. And you already had your share of sightviewing at the party if I remember."

"I-I wouldn't know about that.' She said softly, blushing to her toenails as he mentioned what had gone on at that party. God bless it had been... She twitched visibly and looked out the window. "You are a wretched tease Reno... Down right wretched... I heard you scream good... is it true?" she turned and gave him a wolfish grin.

Reno laughed at her misery but didn't continue with the girlfriends topic. After all, he was currently paying for a favour. "I am a shameless slut," he admitted with a grin. It was close enough for the truth. "Why? You want a piece of my ass as well?"

She turned and grinned wider, eyes sliding half shut. "I doubt you could handle me...." She said softly, crossing her legs in a most ladylike fashion as they drove. It was fun to hang out with him...

"Oh, I dunno," Reno released the wheel with his right hand and placed it onto Daatu's tight. "I'd be creative. Handcuffs, a bit of oil, who knows what else..." He trailed off but didn't take away his palm.

She laughed again as he set a warm hand to her thigh. "Mmmhmm... I don't do handcuffs,” she said, sliding a finger over the top of his hand. "Shameless flirt you are..."

"Yeah, 'n you're a cocktease," Reno countered and squeezed her flesh before turning his palm to hold Daatu's hand between his fingers. "You've no intention to drag me into your bedroom," he pointed out lightly, "and even if you had, you've a boyfriend 'n you'd feel wonderfully guilty afterwards. 'N, with ya being my co-worker, I'd rather not have that."

"I am no such thing Reno. Just because you can't follow through with your shameless flirting doesn't mean that I am a cock tease...' She countered, letting him have her hand. "And don't gimme that shit about fucking co workers." She smirked as she trailed fingers over his palm lightly. She'd never had a go at Reno but damn she wanted to just now...

"Not that shit," Reno shook his head. He wasn't sure if she was playing with him or already forgot about Zack but it didn't matter. Flirting was good and he didn't mind it a bit. "The one where you're all miserable afterwards or want a relationship. I'm not doing those things, y'know as well as me."

Daatu chuckled. "Reno? Sex is Sex, and to be honest you'd make a wretched boyfriend." She took the risk and slid the pad of her thumb over the smooth skin of the inside of his wrist. Bad boyfriend but she just bet he was a good lay.

"Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Aside of the sex it takes a special kinda fool to stick with me for more than a few days or weeks," Reno agreed with her. The soft caress made him slightly shiver but he didn't pull away his hand. There were a few kinds of tortures which he enjoyed. "We're gonna be there in a minute," he said, in a more or less neutral voice.

"Not askin' for a relationship either...' She said softly. now friends with benefits... that she could get used to. She nodded at his comment about arrival time and traced circles against the soft inside of his wrist and forearm. he had surprisingly soft skin for a guy... much less a Turk.

Reno wasn't a fool. He knew when to retreat, when to push his advance, and knew when was he outmaneuvered. So he graced Daatu with a smile, soft and without a hint of teasing before parking down the car. The parking lot before the bar was more than half-full and it usually meant the place was crowded. "Then I'm open to suggestions," he said lightly but seriously.

"Mmm... Let's get inside, relax a bit, maybe dance some, see where the night goes?" She withdrew her hand gently but not before running a fingertip up his arm to his face and tracing one of his marks. "You never know..." she said, getting out of the car with grace.

Reno got out as well and locked the car before stepping next to Daatu with one of his usual smirks. The previous too intimate moment had passed as they walked into the crowd and Reno didn't do anything to bring it back right now. They were here to drink and dance, not to flirt with each other with too light caresses which explored all the hidden weaknesses of them.

Inside the music was loud and Reno had to shout as he asked, "Ya want a beer or something else?"

"Just a soda!" She said back, giving him a smirk as she slid off to go dance. He would find her when he was ready. She threw her arms over her head and shimmied into the crowd, a good song playing.

Reno grumbled after her disappearing form but went to the counter and grabbed a soda, and a beer for himself. Careful to not spill the drinks, Reno walked into the crowd. His almost glowing blue eyes caught the sight of many under dressed women and men but he didn't stray once he found the petite form of Daatu. Swinging his hips like a pro, Reno held out the soda for her. "Have ya seen those blonde twins?" he asked, nodding his head toward a pair of bottle-blonde women who were dancing not so far away in just their bikinis. Reno enjoyed the show of flesh and licked his lips.

Daatu turned, taking the glass form him as she eyed the girls. "They've had work done..." She stated softly gesturing to her chin and her chest. And while they were ok to look at they had that bored expression sitting in their eyes, jaded...

"A pair of whores," Reno nodded agreeing. "Still pretty enough to look at." However, despite his words, Reno's eyes moved from the twins to the next half-clothed, handsome person in a few moments. Soon the passive watching bored him, and Reno stepped behind Daatu, embracing the other Turk's waist. "Y' gonna dance with me?" he asked, his breathe hot against Daatu's ear.

Daatu almost laughed soda through her nose at his observation. when he shimmied close and wrapped his arm round her she pressed against him, soda in one hand as she pressed her other arm against his at her waist. "Mmm. Sure thing...” She whispered back, biting her lip as she felt his breath against her ear.

Reno grinned and tightened his hold on Daatu. He swayed with the rhythm of the music, allowing it to guild his steps even though he wasn't the best dancer ever born. Swallowing down half of the beer quickly, Reno passed the bottle into a surprised, fellow dancer with a wink then embraced Daatu with both hands. His chest pressed against the woman's back and Reno laughed softly. "I hope nobody thinks we're blood-siblings."

Daatu laughed out loud as she ground against him, moving to the beat he set. She handed her empty glass off to a passing waiter and draped her arms back over her head, around Reno's neck form her vantage point. "If they do then they are weirdos for thinking so... She said softly. "No blood relatives would touch this way.."

Reno curled forward just a bit, his lips ghosting against Daatu's ear. "That really depends on how fucked up the pair is," he said with a soft, teasing edge before his teeth grazed the skin. "Don'tcha worry, I won't call you 'sis'."

He was teasing her and Shiva help her she liked it. She licked her lips and grinned wickedly as she ground against him during a slow moment in the song. "Oh? I will be sure not to call you Brother....." She said,winking at a staring couple.

Reno's breathing hitched at Daatu's movement. "Fuck," he cursed before pulling her closer to his body. Stepping between Daatu's legs with one of his own, Reno pushed his hips forward, letting her feel his hardening length. He licked at her neck before breathed a chaste kiss at Daatu's face. "Why don't we go somewhere more private?"

She gasped softly at the touch but her eyes flew wide at the kiss. OOOH damn he was... She could not object to his gentle suggestion and she nodded as she eyed one of the semi enclosed booths in a darkened corner.

Reno pulled her out of the crowd, his mind already making plans about how to spend the remaining of the night. They bumped into a few people and Reno snarled at them before they reached the relative safety of one of the empty booth. "Sit," Reno ordered Daatu in a low voice, desire darkening his eyes. "Last option to tell no," he added as an afterthought. While Daatu was strong enough to kick him off, he wanted to be crystal clear about what was going to happen.

She swallowed hard as she stared up at him. She bit her lip hard enough to leave a mark as she weighed her options. She wasn't sure what to do! On one hand she cared for Zack so very much...and on the other... Reno and his seething touch. before she could think too much on it she had slid into the booth, heart pounding wildly.

Reno's smirk showed teeth as he slid next to her. His right embraced Daatu's neck while his left skimmed at her waistband. "Can you keep your voice down?" he asked in a whisper, and his fingers made their way under the fabric.

Oh what was he about to do? She was about to find out she supposed as she nodded quietly. His warm fingers sliding under the waistband of her snug pants making her twitch.

"You're wet already, right?" Reno asked, his voice still hoarse. His hand slid lower, his fingers pressing against her slit through the thin fabric of her panties. It was both wonderful and frustrating to have her this close without the skin on skin contact. "I should take them off," he said. He turned on the seat to shield her from the rest of the world, his close to scrawny body hiding Daatu's more petite form. His eyes glinted in the dark and Reno pressed his fingers against her sensitive parts with more urgency. "Both jeans and panties and fuck you here 'n now..."

His touch and his words ripped a soft, soft sound from her, no more then a puff of breath really but because he was so close... he would hear it. Tremulous...needy. His words widened her eyes though and she blushed quite red at his suggestion that he take her...here.

"Nobody would care," he continued to speak and brought down his other hand to undo the zip and buttons of her trousers. "Nobody would see anything in the dark..." Licking his lips, Reno brushed a kiss against Daatu's lips, almost soft comparing to the press of his fingers. The panties were wet where they had been pressed into Daatu, and Reno's fingers moved at the drum's beat. "Let me..."

She bit her lip and swallowed hard. She'd never had sex in public before... She didn't want to start now either although if he kept talking the way he was... She might be persuaded to change her mind. "I... here?" she whispered softly, cheeks flushing as he kept touching her so intimately.

Reno hummed lightly at her question but pulled back his head a bit to look into her eyes. There was something in them which made him pause and Reno considered the other options for a few moments. And because Daatu was a TURK and a friend first and foremost, and only then was she the object of lust, Reno was willing to make a compromise. "Or the car?"

Daatu bit her lip. the car would be infinitely more intimate and the likelihood of them getting caught unawares by some stranger... or even by someone they knew would be much less. She nodded softly. "T-the car..." She whispered softly, still not knowing how to really proceed. She'd never been so torn in her life!

Reno pulled his hands back with a last caress and adjusted himself in his jeans. He started to really regret choosing the tight pair - it showed the bulge, especially as he had chosen to forgo the underwear as usual. Getting out of the booth with fluid movements, Reno held out a hand for Daatu. "Button up and let's go. I want to hear you moan my name."

She adjusted quickly, redoing her pants as she slid form the booth, trying hard to keep her eyes away from his aroused body. It was a difficult task and when a rather friendly thing with too much makeup strode a little too close, Daatu snarled a bit and pressed against him, in effect claiming him.

Reno put a hand on her waist and soon they broke through the crowd with the help of elbows. Once out of the door, Reno fished out the keys of the car, almost dropping them from the obvious hurry. Pushing Daatu against the frame of the car, Reno kissed her with tongue and teeth. "Get in," he said a minute later, opening the backseat's door.

The kiss shorted out her brain...badly, but she moved when he'd opened the door, slipping into the backseat without a word. She licked her lips and swallowed hard as she scooted all the way into the car.

"Such a pretty sight..." Reno sat next to her and pulled the door shut before locking the whole car. He didn't want anybody intruding right now. His hands attacked Daatu's clothing in the relatively small space, unbuttoning her jeans again. "Are you fond of that blouse?"

She was actually... "Yes." She said, licking her lips as his hands ended up on her again. The windows would fog up within a short amount of time and she was just fine with that....

Reno grumbled a bit and tried to drag the trousers down from her hips. "Then take it off yourself," he said. If he was left for the task, the thin fabric would definitely tear under his impatient fingers. "Show me your breasts. I bet they look really pretty, just like the rest of you..."

She had a much better idea... She grinned and knelt in the seat, letting him slip her jeans down off her hips as she went after the clasps of his pants. "Turn bout's fair play..." She whispered softly, trying to maintain some sort of control.

"Oh, yes." Reno grinned at her before he pulled her panties down as well. Lifting his hips up when it was time his erection was freed from the confines of the jeans. It stood up proud and hard and Reno let out a quiet moan. Hands caressing Daatu's back Reno maneuvered to be underneath her, pulling her knees at the sides of his thighs. It was a bit tricky inside the car but Reno was flexible and close to desperate. "Comfy enough?" he asked his palms tightening on her hips. Just a few inches were between them but they felt like miles.

Daatu licked her lips as she watched Reno disrobe. Bloody hell he was pretty... She bit her lip as he positioned her. "A-aaah... Like this then?" she asked softly slipping his sunglasses off his forehead and setting them aside, lest they get broken.

"Yes," Reno said before brushing his lips against Daatu's. While it could be considered as a weakness, Reno really liked to kiss and he tried to grab every opportunity to indulge. His hands tightened their hold on Daatu before pulling her down, joining their bodies with a soft moan. Soft, hot, wet pleasure surrounded him and Reno needed a few moments to catch his breath before he could move.

The kiss ripped a gasp from her but before she could think too hard, she was kissing him back, her own strangled cry as he gave her what she wanted muffled against his usually smirking lips.

Reno shifted his hips after a few moments and continued to kiss Daatu. His hands helped her body along, lifting her up and pulling her back into his thrusts. His nerves protested against the too much pleasure and Reno knew he wouldn't last long. Of course, after hours long foreplay it was only expected.

After a small while she got the hang of things and she began to rock and move on her own, her soft sounds muffled by their seething kissing. her hands tangled in his messy red hair as she moved.

"Fuck, Daatu!" Reno moaned between two kisses. He brought one palm between them, cupping Daaut's breasts before lowering his hand to her slit, circling her clitoris with his fingertip.

Her head fell back and her gasps went into soft, soft cries as Reno touched her so very intimately. "R-Reno!"

"Yes," Reno growled and brushed his lips against her neck as her head fell back. His teeth grazed the sensitive skin and his thrust became harder as the pleasure threatened to overwhelm him. His finger remained in place, teasing and touching Daatu.

Her hips jerked and danced above his, her own body throbbing with the impending Bliss that was very close at hand. "R-Reno! Aaah! y-yes!" her small frame arched, sending her chest closer to his face and her head back even further.

Reno kissed her skin above and below the collarbone, but he couldn't really focus on it. Losing the rhythm his eyes closed against the sparks of pleasure and after an indeterminable amount of time the waves of pleasure engulfed him entirely and he gave in with a loud moan.

Daatu was right behind him, crying out her pleasure softly as she fell to completion. She slumped forward, face buried into Reno's throat as she still saw stars a bit.

Reno grunted a bit and put his hands around Daatu's back, hugging her close with one hand as the sweat started to dry on his skin. The other started to caress her as Reno leant back in the seat, his breathing and heart rate still too fast.

the muscles in her back rolled under his gentle caress, her own breathing a bit rapid as she rested against him. God it had been so heated...so...impulsive!

After another minute or so, Reno pressed his mouth against Daatu's skin before looking at her. "Let's dress," he said quietly. His usual smirk was subdued by a more gentle expression. "And if you wanna, we can go back to dance."

She startled out of her momentary trance and nodded as she slipped up and away from him, pausing long enough to set his sunglasses back in place, stealing a kiss as she slipped away to dress again.

Reno smiled after her before he looked for his own jeans. After he became more or less decent Reno stretched out as much as he could in the car. "So, where to, now?" he asked. This night was about Daatu, and if she wanted to call it a night, he would simply drive her back to her flat.

"We can do whatever..." She purred softly, actually rather wanting to go dance some more... She turned and grinned and only then did she voice her true desire.

"Dancing then," he nodded and got outside of the car with a grin. "Y'know, I think I like our nights out, Daatu," he said once they faced once more. "Will ya dance with me?"

She liked it too. When they were facing each other again she grinned up at him and took his hand. "Gladly..." She said, striding slowly to the club, hips swaying as she tugged Reno along gently.