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The Secrets of Esper
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June 2007
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Who: Sigurd and Bart
When: December 25 evening
Where: Sigurd’s place
What: Intimate gathering and exchanging of gifts, can Bart get Sig to drink eggnog?
Warning: As of yet none
Status: Open

He hadn’t done this in...well Bart had no idea how many years, he and Sig had only gotten closer recently though he was sure the older man would have forgotten all about him. While his “adopted brother” had been away when he was younger the little blonde heir to the Fatima name was sure someone as strong as Sigurd would not have time for him anymore. He wanted to make the effort though which was why he joined the Gear Squad and they had become close as soon as Bart showed his young face in the militia. Like drops of water, the older man watched over him once again, Bart was only 18 now so he had worked very hard to be able to spend more time with the man he called brother.

Tonight he was doing something they hadn’t done in a long time, he was celebrating the holidays with Sigurd. He felt very awkward though, it was just going to be the two of them. He wasn’t adverse to that but he had never really been to the older man’s place and least of all like this, as far as Bart was concerned this was still his commanding officer. Some part of him, though, felt like he was still a baby brother so he decided to join his oldest friend after all, it wouldn’t be any fun for Sigurd to be all by himself on the holidays anyway considering the man drowned himself in work especially now what with all the hush-hush business. Recently Sigurd seemed a bit more tense than usual.

It didn’t take long before the young blonde pulled up in his car, it was a wine-red little sports car something that suited him quite nicely with two doors. His gifts were in the back and when he pulled up and parked he reached back and grabbed them. He knew, of course, Sigurd liked rings, he got the man a two toned diamond studded ring very masculine. He knew the man wouldn’t be surprised by the black box, but he would appreciate it nonetheless. The second gift he knew would be more precious to the older an. He wrapped it himself and it was obvious it was his wrapping, it looked as though it had been tape was everywhere and the paper looked like it had been through the shredder before he wrapped it. It covered the gift though, a photo album of their old pictures from Gaia.

With both gifts in hand he walked up to the older man’s door, and though not much of a shy-guy, he knocked tentatively at the door once before waiting for an answer.