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The Secrets of Esper
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June 2007
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Who: Cloud, Sephiroth, Maybe some random NPCs, & anyone else who wants to join
What: Training for the upcoming mission
Where: ShinRa training grounds--shooting range
When: An unspecific time in the afternoon
Warnings: ..Stares?
Notes: Pre-mission training. A lot of formality.
Status: Completed

After finishing up everything else--which consisted of a haircut, hiding away some decent not-military food in his pack, buying a map, and turning in the last draft of paperwork, the shooting range was the last stop. As went the per usual before any mission, everyone that was to be involved in the next mission was hauled off to the training ground to put in a certain amount of hours on different corses. It was a way to keep their minds sharp after being dulled on mindless hours event-less patrol.

Unlike usual, this round of training seemed a little more driven than the past few. Maybe that meant the upcoming mission was actually important---Or at least had some sort of point to it. Either that or someone important was around to coax everyone into cleaning up their act; doubtful, considering anyone of really high standing was sparse around these parts.

With a pair of clear goggles perched on his nose and the corresponding ear coverings to drown out the loud noise, Cloud readied his rifle. Today's practice weapon of choice was one of the short range and large stopping power variety.

There was significant reason why the blonde had this genre of rifle to the very end--That reason being the recoil it had behind it. To everyone else it wasn't much of a problem, but to more admittedly petite soldiers using this kind of weapon promised encore after encore of being knocked on their posterior. He'd even started to become accustomed to practice firing while kneeling in order to adapt.

The weapon was aimed at the target some yards away. With a hefty sigh of dread the soldier aimed and pulled the trigger.