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The Secrets of Esper
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June 2007
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Lt. Zack [userpic]
ice cream.

Who: Daatu and Zack
When: At Daatu's free day; after Zack returns...
Where: Meteor City's streets
What: Another date, with ice-creams. ^_^
Warning: Fluff.
Status: Closed.

Taking a shower after the exercise Zack was free for the rest of the day. He thought about using his time at the best kind of way and soon he was dressed in normal clothes, and heading outside of the barracks.

Walking in the city he remembered that phoning Daatu would be probably a very good idea. Flipping his phone open he called her, hoping that she would be free as well. He wanted to spend his free time with her.

Daatu answered on the second ring. "Hello?" She was folding her laundry as she spoke on the phone.

"Hi, it's Zack," the First Class Soldier said. The noise of the streets could be heard in the background. "I was wondering if you have any free time today, like right now or later?"

"Hi! How are you?" Daatu asked brightly, setting her shirts down in order to sit on the bed. "I am off today... What are you up to?" Nicodemus purred and cuddled up close as if he knew who was on the phone.

"That's perfect," Zack said and grinned even though she couldn't see it. "I'm fine and free for the rest of the day; and I was hoping you're the same. Bless my luck," he replied.

Switching into jogging he turned at the corner in the way of Daatu's flat. "Would it be okay if I kidnapped you in some twenty minutes to introduce you to my favourite ice-creams?"

"Well that sounds down right wonderful!" Daatu said softly into the phone, peeking a look at herself in the mirror. She let out a soft sound before turning her phone on speaker so she could change out of her sweats and into something clean. "So uhm... Whatcha been up to?"

Zack shifted his grip on the phone before he replied, "Ah, well, we went monster hunting to see how good are the lower classes but that's pretty much all the interesting thing that happened with me."

There was a brief pause before he continued to speak, his voice softer. "And despite being fine, I missed you. Much," he said. "I hope you're fine as well."

Daatu went still at his soft admission. "Oh... Zack... That's sweet. I missed you too..." she said gently, sliding into a cute tunic top and a snug pair of hip hugging jeans. She really had missed him! Her little weird cuddle fest with Kefka still bothered her and she felt the need to tell Zack about it but not until he was actually in her presence.

"It feels so selfish to say thank you but I'm really not sure what else could I say right now..." Zack babbled and he knew it but there was nothing he could do against it. If he was there already, he would have kissed Daatu right now. He quickened his steps. "I'll be there in a few minutes and then we won't have to miss the other any longer."

"Okay.... The door's open, so just come on in okay?" She disconnected the line gently to finish getting ready. Her hair had improved greatly, thanks to Kefka. But she needed to pull it up a bit and off of her face.

Zack sighed and put away his phone before he continued his jog. While really running could have been faster he wanted to give her the time to get ready - after all it was a surprise visit.

In the elevator he brushed a hand through his hair as an attempt to get his hair under control but it was a doomed attempt, after all the super strong gel hadn't had a chance either.

Then he was at the correct floor and he walked to Daatu's door with a smile, looking forward to actually seeing her. He knocked out of politeness and stepped in the open door. "Hi, I'm here," he called out.

Nicodemus was the first to greet Zack. All purrs and soft mewling sounds of greeting as he rubbed against Zack's legs. Then the soft sound of Daatu's voice floating form her bathroom. "Hey! Back here!"

"It's okay. Take your time," Zack called back before he crouched down to pet the cat, rubbing its fur covered ear to earn more of the purrs. He was patient with the knowledge that Daatu was just a few steps away; and Zack knew that a lady must have enough time to dress herself properly no matter the occasion. A little wait resulted in beautiful women usually.

Daatu came out moments later in a sea green tunic top that was open at the upper chest, long sleeved and a well worn pair of jeans and some cute sandals. She'd pulled her hair back off her face as well.

"Hey you...," she said softly, watching him form the doorway to the living room.

Zack straightened up and his eyes lit up as he caught sight of her. "You look more beautiful every time we meet," he said and stepped closer to her to finally embrace and kiss her.

"Flatterer..." she breathed softly as he advanced on her and kissed her. He was likewise the same way... He'd gotten sexier and sweeter, if it was possible. It could also have been because he'd been away for a few days on mission. Either way? Daatu felt most lucky at the moment as strong arms wrapped round her and soft lips kissed her.

Zack pulled back after a while and brushed her face with his calloused fingers lightly. He was close to content now, with just holding her close. "Still sweet. Can we go?"

Daatu nodded gently as she snagged her wallet and keys. "Ready when you are..." she said softly, gesturing to the door. "Remind me to stop off at the store on the way back for catfood?" she asked softly.

"Yes, Ma'am," Zack said, his light tone in stark contrast with the too serious words. Stepping after her, Zack seeked out Daatu's hand to hold it in his own. "But first, the best ice-cream in Meteor awaits for us."

She gave him her hand gladly and let him lead her out of the apartment and out into the city. She'd not gone for ice cream in an age... Not since... she was back in training! Had it really been that long since she had ice cream?

"So, did anything interesting happen to you?" Zack asked lightly once they were on the streets. There were many people already but they had enough space around and before them to not need to heed the mass.

"Well... I uh...had a strange...night with Kefka... Not too long ago," she said softly, taking the plunge. It was now or never. Even though her and Kefka had just shared the couch one night, she'd still felt wretched about it.

"What do you mean by 'strange night'?" Zack asked back. He tightened his fingers around her to show he was here and cared. He wasn't sure what to think; the usual conclusion after a similar confession was rubbish, after all, the whole Soldier knew that general Palazzo preferred the males. "I hope nothing bad." Maybe she broke the law, Zack wondered.

"No it wasn't bad... just...strange. Like I took him dancing for his birthday... and I tried explaining the concept of love making and he didn't understand. So I took him back to his place and ended up giving him a backrub." Daatu had a nonplussed expression on her face, like she did not quite understand what had happened that night, and in truth...she still wasn't sure where that night fit as far as relationships go. "Like... He said that no one had ever...been gentle with him!"

"That's a shame," Zack commented and released her hand only to pull her closer into a half-embrace. He was relieved and, to show this, he smiled widely at Daatu. "I mean everybody should have at least one somebody who is gentle with him or her. I'm proud that you were there for general Palazzo."

"Well uhm...see uh...uhm..." Daatu squirmed a bit. "I ended up... curled up on the couch with him..." She admitted finally, letting it all out in one long run on sentence.

Zack blinked, "So?" He didn't understand her squirming but the need to comfort her appeared in an instant. Stopping in a more quiet part of the streets he turned to face Daatu. Pulling her close Zack brushed his lips against her cheek. "Why does this bother you?"

"I dunno.. I just... It was strange. It felt nice. Is that bad?" She bit her lip as she stared up at him. "I mean... I don't know what I mean..." she finally said, biting her lip as she stared down at their shoes.

"No, it is definitely not bad," Zack said, his voice gentle. Cupping her face between his palms he kissed her lightly. "It just means you enjoy being near to a friend. Judging by the way you keep referring to him as 'Kefka', he is your friend. Right?"

Daatu went still as she listened intently to his words. She was no expert on relationships so it had freaked her out a little bit to have enjoyed Kefka's cuddles that much. "Well yes. He is a...confidant. I can tell him anything really..." she admitted softly. And she had told him anything and everything. Their morning conversations being varied and often covering the broad spectrum og subjects.

"Then, it's perfectly normal to enjoy some cuddling," Zack pointed out and smiled at her. His thumbs moved in small, imperfect circles, caressing her skin gently.

"If you were... afraid of my reaction, I can promise you that I won't ever be angry because of things like this. Cuddling, kissing, enjoying another person's presence is all nice and I would never ask of you to deny yourself them." Zack brushed his lips against her mouth once more.

Daatu let out a soft sigh as he explained that he was not angry, that he would not get angry if it happened again. "Are you sure it's okay? I mean... I was so worried you'd get mad... Even though all we did was cuddle..." She stared up at Zack mutely.

"Yeah, I'm sure," Zack nodded. He embraced her and offered another smile, wanting to reassure her. "After all, I do the same thing. Not exactly cuddling, as you can't cuddle with general Sephiroth without first drugging him and I'm not sure even that could work on him, but y'know, I was drinking and talking with him; enjoying a few hours together with him." Pausing Zack pulled her closer, tightening his embrace. "I promise you I'll try to not get angry, and even if I do, I won't be angry without a real reason, like you getting hurt, or something like that. Okay?"

Daatu blinked, only to burst out laughing at the thought of a stoned Sephiroth flitting around ShinRa like some winged fairy. She ended up giggling helplessly in Zack's arms as she nodded in the positive to his gentle questions.

The laughter was the real reward. Nuzzling her hair, Zack pressed a few kisses at the red tresses before he started to chuckle with her even as his hold tightened once more. A few minutes later, when his laughter was under control, Zack kissed her, deep and passionately.

The laughter had killed the rest of Daatu's useless paranoia, and the kiss about killed all logical thought processes and DID kill all speech syntax for the time being, as she found herself lost in the kiss, returning it reflexively.

Zack would have purred if he had feline ancestors but without them he had to be content with a very pleased, and smiling expression once the kiss ended. "Do you feel better?" he asked lightly, still enjoying the heat of her body which had been pulled close.

"Yes... Hey! Didn't you say something about the best Ice cream in Metoer?" Daatu asked happily. The lure of sweet stuff being too much for her just now.

"Yeah," Zack replied and pecked her nose. "Let's go. It's not really far," he said and stepped back next to her, taking her hand once more.

She grinned happily at him and was more then content to let Zack lead her off to go get cavity inducing, brain freezing desserts that she really should not be eating in the first place.

Zack grinned back, brushing a soft kiss against her face before he led her across a park. They arrived to a small alley where their destination was. The ice-cream parlor was painted to a lovely blue and Zack opened the door for Daatu.

"I hope you'll like it," he said. The inside of the parlor was small as well, though there were pairs snuggling around the small tables. Behind the counter an elderly woman was serving a young, lone woman out. Zack stepped behind her, still holding Daatu's hand. "Their chocolate has real bits of chocolate in and the cone is sweet as well."

Daatu entered gracefully, only to let Zack step close. "Oooh... That sounds wonderful, actually..." she said softly, eyeing the various flavors. There were so many....

"And you could add another scoop, maybe lemon or vanilla," Zack said with a light smile. His eyes were alit with joy, and he didn't want to let go of her hand. "I'll have some chocolate and cherry-yoghurt if it helps."

She decided on a scoop of strawberry and a scoop of chocolate. She leaned against him, head turned slightly to bare her throat to him.

Zack couldn't resist the tempting invitation. He dipped his head to kiss the hollow of her throat before teasingly scrapping his teeth against her skin; then he remembered they weren't in one of their flats but outside, in the public.

Pulling back with a soft, disappointed noise, Zack paid for their ice-creams and handed to Daatu her cone. "Do you want to sit down, or walk in the park? It's lovely outside."

"Let's walk..." She said, after having that shared moment of affection. They had time for that later....

Zack nodded and licked at his ice-cream before it started to melt, enjoying the mixture of coldness and sweetness. "Y'know... This is nice," Zack said then laughed at his own awkwardness. His tone was soft as he started to speak again. "Walking, talking, just spending time together."

Daatu agreed when she had a chance to, busy with her double scoop of ice cream. She purred softly as she licked her ice cream carefully. "Oh but isn't it?"

"Yes, very much," Zack agreed. Lifting his free hand, he brushed his knuckles against her cheek, enjoying the simple touch. "And while I probably forgot to mention this before, let me add that I like you very much, Daatu."

"You already told me that... but i still love to hear it..." She said softly, leaning close but carefully, lest she make a mess with the ice cream.

Zack smiled at her and traced her cheekbone before dropping his hand back to take hold of Daatu's fingers. "And you'll hear it most probably a few more times..." He licked his chocolate scoop absent mindedly, enjoying her presence and the pleasant walk they had.

Daatu relaxed completely and then proceeded to talk his ear off about any number of things. work, ice cream, desserts... anything and everything.

Zack laughed at her jokes and sometimes quipped in a few comments but mostly he just listened. His attention was focused on her as he got to know Daatu as a person more and more.